The art of keyword research is very important. If you find the holy grail of keywords you can rank number one for a site with absolutely no backlinks to a site! And, if the keywords get traffic your site can make money.

The first part of keyword research is looking through the keywords tool. Look at all the keywords on there and immediately cancel out on ever being competitive for those terms. The second part of keyword research, is going to niche finding tools and looking for micro niches that have traffic but low competition. Ignore all the keywords that these profitable keyword tools give you.

The key to keyword research is to think up your own keywords. You have to think like a philosopher. Where will society be in 6 months? Who's going to die? Google ranks pages not sites so the sooner you have your page up then the more age your page will acquire(age plays a role in the ranking mechanism).

What will the aging million type into the google search engine on his last dying breaths when he wants to plunge his fortune into e-books? Will he type in "Who am I to have sinned to have earned so much?" If you can accurately predict that the millionare will type in thoes keywords cha-ching.

Niche finders and keyword tools cannot predict keywords that people don't search for yet. Only a philosophical human mind can attempt to forsee what the future will bring. New movies come out with new keywords all the time(although there are many new movies with the same title as old). If a movie comes out with your keywords then cha-ching!

How to do philosophical keyword research:

Think of potential new movie titles. Look at books to see which books have potential to become movies or TV shows and then write articles for the books keywords. Think of potential song and album titles that could develop new keywords in the future.

Being one step ahead isn't good enough. You can't be designing sites for the Nook. You have to design for the Nook 2.0.

Things get a great boost by being featured on the news or Oprah. Think about what could be featured on those shows in the future. Internet Marketers have used this principle by starting to build pages for potential American Idol finalists as soon as the audition tapes air. You could also build pages on video games in development.

If squirrels ever get the ability to use computers they are going to start typing in a lot of acorn related keywords...

No keyword tool can ever replace the eye for future keyword trends that is of the philospher.