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It's better than ever...

I’ve written a previous article about Brad Callan’s Niche Finder but since then there has been a really exciting update to the features of the program. Since writing that article I have used the software almost daily and have been very impressed by the functionality of it, but recently with an upgrade to the software came a very welcome surprise. As promised when the original product was released, Brad Callan’s Niche Finder now has an inbuilt function which allows you to check on the availability of domain names centred around keywords.

Let me explain further. Experienced internet marketers will agree that a domain name which includes the targeted niche keywords will perform better in search engine rankings than other domain names.

Let’s say for example that we type collectable stamps into Niche Finder as a keyword. Along with the awesome results that come up, which tells us how much competition exists for that keyword, how many global and local monthly searches there are, the average estimated cost per click and the total results there’s another few columns down the end. Niche finder will now search for the availability of related domain names for the keywords.

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Niche Finder by Brad Callan is now an even better piece of software, particularly for people interested in creating niche websites – now you don’t have to go elsewhere for your domain research, it’s a built in function in your keyword research software. Not only that, but the best thing is – the updates are free, a version of the software you buy today is not the one you retain, you receive all the whiz bang additions to the software through a quick, automatic download.

Going back to the example of doing a search for ‘collectable stamps’ in Niche Finder by Brad Callan, we can see that among the list of related keyword results for the search term is the result of the domain name search. In the example we see that the domain names and are already registered, but is still available for registration. If you then click on the keyword ‘stamps for sale’, Niche Finder then goes through Domain Face to do a search for that and related available domains. You can even purchase those through Niche Finder!

Brad Callan has gone out of his way to provide a great update to the already fantastic Niche Finder software. With this update it has gone from a handy tool to an essential one for the online publisher who is looking to establish niche markets. Niche Finder is the software that allows you to integrate your keyword research with securing a domain name which includes your targeted keyword, which is a pivotal part of achieving rankings success.

Keyword research doesn’t need to be hard, and in fact with Brad Callan’s Niche Finder it’s easy, if not a pleasure. The added functions of the new domain name search update really are the icing on the cake of an already impressively powerful, yet simple to use piece of software.