Keywords are specific words that are searched by internet users. When you are writing online web content, you may begin by imagining what words an internet searcher might type into Google or Yahoo if they were looking for the article you are going to write. The words you determine good search terms are your keywords. There are tools available online to help you choose keywords.

Using Keyword Tools to Optimize Keyword Density and SEO

Below is a screenshot of the Google Adsense keyword tool. The keywords "keyword density" were used to get the "monthly search volume" for those words. The Adsense keyword tool also suggests other possible words and phrases. Word tracker is another keyword tool available online that will help you arrive at good keywords.

Google Adsense Keyword Tool

Once you have chosen your keywords it is time to focus on keyword density. Keyword density is a term used to describe how often keywords appear in your writing. If you are writing an article about apples, for example, repeating the word apple throughout the article will help you gain recognition with the search engines and optimize your writing. That is what is known in the writing business as SEO, or search engine optimization.

A good rule of thumb is to try to get a word to appear in your writing at a rate between 2 and 3%. Repeating any one word more than this will make your writing appear forced. Repeating the same keyword excessively for SEO is known as keyword stuffing and it is not recommended as it degrades the quality of your writing. On the other hand, not using a keyword at least 2% of the time will keep your article from being noticed by the search engine, because it doesn't recognize your article as being about apples.

The keyword tool available at is a good one to use to check your keyword density while writing. The reason I recommend this tool is because it allows you to enter either an URL, to check the density of already published writing, or copy and paste your writing prior to publishing to check keyword density. Here is a screen shot taken from Keyword Hacker as I wrote this article to determine my keyword density for SEO.

Keyword Hacker

Writing for Keyword Density and SEO

There are a few different methods for SEO Writing and targeting keywords in your articles. The first method I call the "Title Down" method. The second method I call the "Creative Method."

Method 1: (Title Down)

As you write an article, you can choose your keywords first. You can then write the title including these keywords. You can ensure these keywords appear in the first paragraph of your writing. Make 3 subtitles as you write the body of your article, targeting the keywords in the subtitles and keeping your writing focused on the keywords in the subtitles as you write the body of your article.

Method 2: (Creative Method) This method allows a little more creativity and flexibility. As a writer, I feel a bit stifled if I have to write with a lot of structure. To use the creative method of writing for SEO, sit down and write your article first keeping your keywords in mind as you write. After writing your article, copy and paste it into a keyword tool such as Keyword Hacker. Determine the most commonly used words in your article. Use these words to develop your title and your subtitles.