Kgb Deals Review

A Kgb Deals Review You Should Read

If you are unfamiliar with Kgb Deals, it is basically a website that offers daily deals (specific to your local geographical location) that allow you to save money on restaurant food and other goods and services in your area.

Kgb Deals Review: How Does Kgb Deals Work?

Kgb Deals will usually post a new deal each day that allows you to save money on various restaurants (in addition to other products and services from time to time). You can either check the site daily to see if they have posted a new deal, or you can set it up so that you receive an e-mail that describes each day's deal. The e-mail notification is nice because you won't need to waste any time checking the website only to find that there aren't any new deals yet.

For any given deal (assuming it's for a restaurant), you'll be able to see information about the restaurant (hours, location) including reviews from prominant review sites such as There will also usually be a link to the restaurant's website, so that you can stop by there and look at a menu. After all, you should only buy a Kgb Deal if you think you'll like the food at a given restaurant.

For most deals, once you purchase them, Kgb Deals will send you an e-mail with a link to your voucher. Simply print it out, take it to the restaurant, and save money!

Kgb Deals Review: Kgb Deals vs. Groupon - Are They The Same?

Kgb Deals is very similar to Groupon in that they both usually provide daily deals for restaurants in your local area. One major difference is the Kgb Deals is newer, and therefore a bit less popular. Also, Kgb Deals currently is offered in less cities than Groupon.

One nice thing about Kgb Deals vs. Groupon is that Kgb Deals often gives you longer than a day (sometimes up to a week or more) to purchase a deal, whereas Groupon usually only has a deal active for 24 hours before they take it down.

The great thing is, both sites will usually show deals from different places, so there's no reason you can't regularly use both of them! After all, the goal is to save money. Having more options to save money is never a bad thing.

Kgb Deals Review: What Are The Restrictions?

Each deal comes with its own restrictions, but usually they are not too drastic. One thing you must pay attention to is the expiration date, which will vary from deal to deal. Beyond that, these are the standard restrictions:

  • Gratuity is not included and should be based on retail price (not the price after the discount has been applied)
  • You are usually limited in the number you can purchase (e.g. 2 per person)
  • Not valid with any other offers
  • Must present voucher prior to ordering

Most of the time, you are not restricted to a particular time and date when you can use the Kgb Deal (i.e. you can typically use them 7 days a week, or whenever the establishment is open for business).

So what are you waiting for? Join Kgb Deals and start saving money!