Khan Academy is a website with over 3500 videos on it. The non profit site has provided over 200,000,000 lessons, and allows users to practise skills that they have learned. In this article I will show you how to learn from Khan Academy.

  There are many ways to learn on Khan Academy. You can do almost anything from watch videos to tutoring people. There are tons of opportunities available on khan academy waiting for you to use them.


Watching videos is the method most people use to learn on Khan Academy. With over 3500 videos, there is a lot to choose from. The Khan academy videos are easy to understand, and use tons of great examples. The Khan Academy videos usually show a blackboard. Than someone writes on them, and talks at the same time. It may appear to be boring, but it can still be very engaging. When watching videos, it helps to go in order starting from the beginning because the videos add on from each other. An example of this is the Macro economics video. The first few videos talk about Gross Domestic Product and almost every video after that has Gross Domestic Product integrated into the video. So it makes a lot of sense to not skip around and just watch every video. If you have trouble understanding the videos, you can ask a question below the videos. People usually answer these questions.


Practise Problems

Khan acedemy allows its users to practise the concepts they learn in videos by using practise problems. Most of the practise problems involve math, so you cannot practise skills from Science or Economics, but there is a lot to choose from when it comes to math practise problems there are over 100 sets of problems to choose from and more are being added every day. The great thing about practise problems is that if you need they will break down the problem into multiple steps so you can understand, also, they encourage you to get 100% of the problems right. Most of the problems are a pretty straightforward. Some of the problems though are tricky to understand and whenever that happens you can watch a video corresponding to the problem. When picking practise problems, the site also matches some of them together so that you have a guideline to pick which ones you want to progress to. You can start with the simplest problems in addition/subtraction and than work your way all the way down to trigonometry and calculus.


If you are a teacher or an educator you can use Khan Academy to help your students learn. When a student logs into their Khan Academy account, they have the option to type in another users ID and than that user can have access over the student. This is very helpful when teaching because you can track your students progress. By telling your students to enter in your ID they can do tasks and you can see them. This is a great feature to the site because you can see if your students actually watched a video or did a practise problem, or if they are lying.


Since Khan Academy is a non profit organization, they rely heavily on volunteers to keep the site running. Currently Khan Academy is looking for people to translate the videos into another language. They are looking to translate the videos into a huge amount of languages such as  Spanish,Dutch,German and even Chinese. Khan Academy has meetups in almost every city where volunteers can get together to work.

Tracking Your Progress

My favorite features of Khan Academy is the progress tracking feature. This is a feature were you are able to track your progress and get points. Whenever you watch a video or complete a practise problem you get energy points. You also get badges that you can put on your public profile so people can see your accomplishments. By having these features, Khan Academy motivates people to keep learning.  It is really fulfilling to know that you have watched videos and have been recognized for it. On the site you can set goals for yourself and even track how your questions are doing. You get notified if someone answers your question too. These things add to the user experience of the site. To set goals and meet them is very cool.


Overall, is a really great site to use. This site is not looking to make money off of its users instead it is trying to educate people all across the globe and to help people succeed.