Kichler is a four time winning manufacturer for light products used for home use. Kichler landscape lights will provide you with exactly what you need to keep you lawn, garden, deck or outside patio visible during night time. Kichler landscape lights can be used as security lights for the outside of your home. There are different kichler landscape lights out on the market. When shopping for outdoor landscape lights, you'll be able to choose from a wide variety of different types of outdoor lights needed for the exterior of your home. Kichler landscape lighting can be expensive, but there are plenty of places online selling outdoor landscape lights for reasonable prices. Post lights, garden lights, floodlights, you name it you'll find what you're looking for shopping online.

Kichler garden landscape lights

Kichler Bird bath garden lighting landscape light - Bird baths are very expensive kichler landscape lights, but make for show, style, elegance and visibility lighting for your garden. They make for great accessory lights for your garden, or walkway path that can bring out your plants and shrubs. Although the kichler garden landscape light is expensive, you'll find some really great deals online. The body is made out of aluminum for strong support and durability from weather. It features a weathered stone finish, giving it a contemporary look to your garden path. It comes with a luminous glass plate placed on top. It also includes a 35 watt light bulb, 14 inch non-corrosive stake, a 25 foot 16-2 SPT cable and 6 foot SJTW cord. It also comes with a 60W transformer with time/photocell. It's a water and weather proofed garden landscape lighting that is suitable for wet locations. Operates on 12 volts. The kichler garden landscape light is expensive, and can go as high as $800 dollars. It's going for a really cheap price online at Amazon,, and Prices will keep you under $200. You won't find deals that good very often for the bath garden lighting landscape light.

Kichler plant accent garden light landscape light - The plant accent garden lighting landscape light is perfect for connecting the three 18" chains on a plotted plant up to 20 pounds. It's a good potted plant light that will keep your plants protected and visible during the late hours of the night. Features an aluminum lamp, with a 24 inch stainless steel wire. The steel wire can be used as a overhang light on porch or deck keeping the potted plant secure and safe. It's an easy way to avoid kids or others accidentally stepping on your plants, or knocking the plants over on a placed ledge. It's suitable for wet locations. You can remove the chains, and use it as a down light too. Operates on 12 volts. These garden landscape lights are going for $100 online at bellacor, lighting universe, SCS lighting,, lighting by gregory, and

Kichler landscape post lights

Kichler garden olde bronze Asian style landscape path light - It fits on a 4" x 4" post and comes with a 59 inch lead wire. It's a great post light that can be used for patios, walkways, or gardens. A post light can be used to show off your exterior home. Post kichler landscape lights go well for decks that can keep your landscape visible during the late hours of the night. The olde bronze finish gives it that outdoors kind of look that blends well with patios, gardens, or decks. The product comes with a 26 watt wedge T5 bulb. It's water proof and requires a transformer for connection. It's a low voltage post light that won't cause a disturbance to neighbors. You'll find these kichler landscape lights online going for $152 dollars at bellacor,, CSN lighting, lighting by gregory, and Linens 'n things.

Kichler bronze finish mission post landscape light - The bronze finish mission post landscape light has an old fashioned look and feel to it. The landscape light can illuminate as a walkway path, patios, or for decks. It can even be used as an entrance light to your home. Comes with a bronze finish, that blends in with your exterior home, deck, or patio. Dimensions are 6 1/2 inches squared and 8 inches high. Comes with a 24.4 wattage light bulb. It's a 12 volt light that requires a transformer for connection. You can shop online at lamps plus, and amazon. It's going for a lower price at amazon under $150 dollars.

* Posts aren't included with the post landscape lights

Kichler landscape floodlights

Kichler low voltage accent light 75-w halogen Bi-pin - It's a one lighted floodlight that can be staked into the ground, and used as a field light for gardens, pathways, or as a security light for your home. It's small with dimensions of just 6.5" x 4.5"H. It's a spot light that's easy to adjust to your preferred location of light. If features a burnished brass accent land finish. Comes with a 75 watt halogen bulb. It's a heat resistant and water resistant floodlight that comes with a 38 inch wire. Needs a 120v compatible transformer. You can shop online at CSN lighting, bellacor, lines 'n things, lighting universe, and lighting by gregory. The one lighted floodlight costs $184 dollars at these online stores.

Kichler lighter miniature hooded adjustable wide flood light - If the halogen floodlight is a bit too expensive, then the hooded adjustable wide flood light is a little less expensive. Comes with an 8 inch ground stake, and it can be mounted on a wall as well. Features a textured architectural bronze finish. It can blend right into your gravel path. Also features a heat-resistant flat glass and is weather proofed. Comes in dimensions 5"W x 5"L x 5"H and doesn't take up much space. Supports a single 35 watt halogen light bulb and operates on 12 volts of power. You can find these kichler landscape lights online at lighting universe,, lighting by gregory, CSN lighting, and

* Kichler landscape lights with 12 volts requires a transformer

* Kichler landscape lights are suitable for wet locations