Caffeine is the most commonly used or abused drug in America.  This is probably so because it is not thought to be deviant behavior in our society.  Before the 1600’s, the beverage coffee was a hot topic for debate on whether it should be legal or not.  The thought was about 50/50 on its moral “rightness”.  The people in power thought that people were having too much fun in coffee houses where “questionable” behavior may have been taking place.  Luckily, in 1600, Pope Clement VIII declared coffee ok for Catholics to drink, thus making it legal and became very popular across Europe.  This seems a little extreme to us today but everything has a history when it comes to use and legality.  The main active ingredient in coffee - caffeine, has become a popular substance in the world for various reasons.  Students consume it to stay up late and study.  Millions of Americans consume some sort of caffeinated beverage in the morning to get going which has lead to a higher level of output and an increased GDP.  Caffeine has rightly claimed a place as a very useful drug but how does one kick the habit?

     This can present a problem as caffeine is addictive and quitting cold turkey can be difficult.  Let’s say for example that you consume caffeine in the form of a carbonated beverage such as a Coke or Pepsi and want to stop drinking them so you can lose weight or for general health reasons.  This can be more or less difficult depending on how many you drink per day.  One 20 oz bottle contains 100mg of caffeine on average.  One trick to kicking the habit is to step down your consumption so you will not have too severe withdrawal symptoms when you quit completely.  Or you can change to drinking a caffeine free soda like Sprite to trick your body into thinking that it is getting its regular dose with the soda but this may not last long; however, it does help.  The method that I have found to work the best is to use more caffeine at first.  The trick is to associate the caffeine with another beverage like water.  You thought I was going to say coffee didn’t you?  To successfully trick your body into kicking the habit of consuming soda or coffee then you must consume the caffeine in a way that is not detectable by you.  Coffee has a distinct flavor and so does soda.  Water is something that you usually do not associate with caffeine so consuming it with water will help to establish that connection.

     Water is a better choice over soda or coffee but no one really enjoys drinking it all the time.  That is why by associating caffeine with water, you will “enjoy” drinking it a little more because without it, there is no caffeine fix.  It’s a learned behavior, although it does help to have flavored water.  So, how do you consume caffeine without it being detectable or associated with another flavor?  The best method is to take it in the form of a pill.  I use Ripped Fuel Extreme since it does have ingredients other than caffeine like green tea and cayenne pepper that helps with weight loss and each pill contains 100mg of caffeine.  I would take one in the morning with water, one at lunch or shortly after, and one as I am leaving from work or right when I get home.  This is equivalent to the amount of caffeine that I would be drinking with 3 sodas throughout the day or more since I don’t always drink 3.  Since I do not drink the sodas, I am not drinking up to 720 extra calories per day.  Additionally I am increasing my metabolism by taking the caffeine and other ingredients so I have changed my caloric deficiency to about 1000 calories per day with one little change.

     Now, you might think that by taking more caffeine, you will become more addicted to it.  Your right, your becoming addicted to drinking more water since you must drink it to take your pills.  Now comes the easy part.  Since you can continue to drink water in the same way, you can decrease your caffeine consumption.  All that needs to be done is to eliminate 1 pill in the day every week and your body will hardly notice the difference.  In fact, you may simply forget to take your pills one day since you no longer need the fix.  This will happen sooner than you think.  When you “crave” caffeine, you will crave whatever you associate with it, like water which will have a placebo effect.  Now that you have stopped drinking all those extra calories and are drinking more water than ever before, you will shed those troublesome pounds in a matter of months just in time for the summer.  And since you will not be having the crash from taking in so much sugar, you will have more energy as well.  You will never look at a bottle of soda the same again.