Holidays are a favorite time of celebration. There is great satisfaction for every parent who creates a memory of a Christmas party for their little one. Christmas parties do not have to be difficult! Keep reading for useful ideas and helpful hints to throwing a fun holiday party.


Create a Christmas atmosphere with the help of your own children:

  • Having a Christmas tree in the party room is a perfect addition. Even if it's a little one, it will add the feeling of the season! Use pinecones and evergreen sprigs if you don't have room for a tree.
  • Make red and green chain streamers to put on the front of a table or on a Christmas tree.
  • Create a Christmas sign using paints, stamps, markers, or crayons to create a festive ambiance.
  • Decorate in your own yard.
Food and DrinkMaking Christmas cookies

Christmas cut-out cookies and hot cocoa are traditional for Yuletide parties, but there are lots of other possibilities:
  • M&Ms and other candies in seasonal colors: red, white, and green.
  • Candy canes of all sizes
  • Pinata filled with treats and small toys
Purchase disposable paper products for the food. Printed tableware is fun. However, solid colors, like red and green, say a lot.

Fun Activities

There are lots of fun games and activities that kids of all ages will enjoy.

  • Create a festive atmosphere with some upbeat Christmas music to welcome your guests.
  • Sing Christmas carols. Sing along with music or a cappella. Kids love to sing!
  • Play Christmas charades. Include the kids' favorite characters and treats.
  • Play pin the head on the snowman. This can easily be created from felt.
  • Play musical chairs with Christmas music.
  • Make Christmas cards for their mom and dad or grandparents. Think about having old cards for the children to cut up and a selection of crafty supplies.
  • Make Christmas crackers and fill them with candy and Christmas greetings.
  • Have the children decorate cookies. Kids love icing and edible goodies atop a delicious cookie!
  • Tell an old Christmas story, or make up a new one. (Get the kids to help you!)

Favors and memories…

What's a Christmas party without presents?

  • Go to a dollar store and buy enough little gifts so that each child takes home one.
  • Hand out small stockings stuffed with goodies.
  • Give a baggie of homemade cookies for each guest.
  • Take pictures of the guests and insert them into a paper frame for each child..

Finally, the fun part…
As you clean up after the last guest leaves, get your child to work along side you. Turn that Christmas music up and work together.

Treasure the memory!