NoMake a Kid's Lemonade Standthing tastes better than cold lemonade from a lemonade stand in the summertime. If you are like me when I was a kid then you want a lemonade stand so you can make some money of your own. Here is how I did it and a few things I learned as I got older that could have made my lemonade stand make more money.

My grandma lived in between 7-11 and a Chevron gas station. Me and my cousin decided that we would have a lemonade stand so we could make money to spend at 7-11. My grandma made us the lemonade and helped with cups. We set up a table and had our lemonade stand at the edge of the grass by the walking path. If anyone walked by us they were ours to solicit.

Okay, so what is important to success when you have a summer lemonade stand is location, location, location. You want to have the lemonade stand in an area that has people traffic or even slow car traffic (some will stop just to help out kids), but you have to think carefully because you do not want it to be a dangerous spot. One of the best times to have a lemonade stand to make summer money is to do it during a yard or garage sale.

To make extra money with your summer lemonade stand you want the option to selCounting Lemonade Stand Moneyl cookies or some other snack that is small and not messy. Let's face it, you are a kid and people like it when kids are trying to raise money by and for themselves. If you sell a snack with your lemonade have napkins available.

Before setting up your summertime lemonade stand practice counting money and giving change with someone. If you are charging $.50 for a cup of lemonade and someone give you a dollar can you make change? Most adults will be willing to help you and not steal from you but this is a really good time to get familiar with money and what each coin and bill means. You don't have to be perfect. Take a calculator for when you do not know. Plus your lemonade stand can get really busy so you want to be able to handle some traffic.

Get change before you go out and start your lemonade stand. It is easier to start with some change to give back if people give you dollars. All money tills or boxes start out with change to give back to the customer.

Be nice and bring a tip jar to your lemonade stand. Put your tip jar on the table where everyone can see it. This way if someone does not want lemonade, but they do want to give you some money they can put it in the tip jar. It helps to write a sign that says why you are having the lemonade stand. Are you saving for a new bicycle, money for camp, college, school clothes, or maybe just to save money? When people know the why they are more inclined to give money, especially if it is a good cause, but don't lie.

Do not use plastic cups for your lemonade stand. It's better to use paper cups so you are nicer to the environment. Bringing a small garbage can or bag will help so people can throw their cups away.


Take a cell phone with your for emergencies like weird people or running out of lemonade or change.

Wear sunscreen. You sure don't want to grow up to get skin cancer so make sure that you put sunscreen on your face. Don't forget the ears. People forget about them then they get sick (the ears that is).

Have fun! A summer lemonade stand is for fun and extra money.

Good luck!

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