Children's Laptops

Kids in this day and age are very fortunate to have access to technological assistance with their schoolwork. In retrospect, throughout my childhood years, there was no such thing as educational handheld systems, or even laptops, for that matter. And so it's a tremendous blessing for children to have these modern devices as accommodations for their learning needs. In addition, they also have the luxury of using these computers at home, allowing them the convenience of utilizing their very own pc as a study tool.

As time goes on, the availability and affordable prices of the laptop computers (specifically for the younger kids) are increasing, therefore, parents can be a little more selective when considering purchasing one for their child.

The small laptops or notebooks that were recently designed with children in mind are very durable, chunky, and lightweight. They're definitely not as fragile as the traditional type and a couple of them are even drop-proof!

Besides the sturdy construction, these cute machines also have most of the bells and whistles like the classic notebooks, but in a scaled down size. The screens are typically between 8 and 10.5 inches and some come with a dual usage option- as a tablet or like the traditional laptop. The ones with touch-screens have the option of being used with a stylus or finger. And when using the computer like a laptop, the screen may impressively swivel 180 degrees.

In addition to those features, one may find built-in cameras, microphones and carrying handles. Educational software are also included with some, as well as useful programs that students can utilize. And of course, the operating system (Windows) and Wi-Fi internet capability are generally integrated.

Note that not all have CD/DVD drives, but they do have USB ports that can be used to connect external drives.

So what are the names of some of these mini-notebooks? They are the 2go CTL E09L pc, the New Fizzbook Spin 10.1 (originating from Europe), the Advent Kids' netbook, and the ASUS Eee 1005PE netbook.

Keep in mind that they don't all share the exact similar features and specifications, and a few are more kid-friendly than the others. But they are all less expensive than the traditional notebooks, and perhaps a worthwhile investment for a child's educational needs.