Decorating with kids' white bedroom furniture might not be the easiest thing in the world- you can't put just anything with white and expect it to look good. There are certain color schemes that work better than others, and what works is generally different for boys and girls. It's easy to pick colors to go with girls' white bedroom furniture- pink, or any pastels, will work great. Things are a little different when it comes to boys, but there are certain themes that will work great. Knowing how to approach the design of a bedroom with white bedroom furniture for children is the key to making the process pain free, and perhaps even fun!

The easiest way to approach buying kids' white bedroom furniture is to look for white bedroom furniture sets that your kids will find appealing. These may be novelty sets that kids can rapidly grow out of, however, so this is not a good long-term solution in most cases. Consider instead certain lines of thought we can take in choosing furniture and the decorations that go with them.

White is easy for girls- it's associated with purity, and thus suits a princess-themed bedroom very well. There are so many products out there with this theme, from furniture to bedding, that it's really no problem to get white furniture for a girl's bedroom. For boys, though, you are a bit more limited in choices. The princess theme will not be appropriate for most boys, but what is? There are two main themes that can work (there may be more, but these two are perhaps the most obvious and the most easily implemented): pirates, and space. The pirate theme works because beds in the tropics are often white, and we have that whole "Pirates of the Caribbean" thing in the backs of our minds when we think of pirates. This is a great theme for boys, as it involves swashbuckling adventure. It is also practical, as you can get a treasure chest type storage trunk for his toys, along with some other rough-looking furniture for other uses. Here, you will want more traditional looking furniture.

The space theme works because many of the implements of space travel are white- the shuttle, the astronauts' space suits, etc. Here, modern white bedroom furniture is more appropriate and you can get high gloss white bedroom furniture. The more futuristic looking, the better, although such furniture might also cost more.