Youth Four Wheelers

A kids ATV of 60cc is a great choice, although there aren’t nearly as many choices in this engine size as there are in say a 50cc, 70cc, or 90cc four wheeler.  Still, you will have some good options to keep in mind as you look into an all-terrain vehicle by Yamaha, China makers, or just about any other maker.  This isn’t the only unusual size you’ll find in the youth quad market.  In this article, we’ll explore some options in this exact size, some additional alternatives, and even some other unique sizes that have been on the market in recent years and in the past.

Best Kids 60cc ATV Ever

Bold words, but I’ll back them up as best I can.  The Yamaha 4 Zinger came out in the eighties and was a great option for a child to ride along with dad and stay on 4 wheels, instead of riding the old 3 wheelers that were still around.   Back then, they were all two stroke motors, which provided a good response when you hit the throttle.  In addition, these were shaft drive, far superior to the belt driven models you’ll find these days.  You will still find some of these old Yamaha’s out on the trails and in the backyards of the country these days.  They were a very reliable machine.

Other Unique Sizes

Kawasaki and Suzuki both put out a sweet little 80cc kids ATV that is still being made today, relatively unchanged.  The motor is incredibly snappy on this thing and they last seemingly forever.  You won’t go wrong with either name brand (since they are essentially the same) and you’ll be able to get parts for your 4 wheeler without any issues at all, either online or through a dealer.

The Eton Viper Jr. is another uniquely sized quad that small children would be happy to ride out on the trails and in the woods.  Equipped with a surprisingly snappy 40cc motor, this little ATV is equipped to handle very young and inexperienced riders as they gain confidence in riding all-terrain vehicles.  Eton isn’t a Chinese quad as the company has been around for many years and is actually fairly well respected by those in the know when it comes to youth four wheelers.  You can find them for sale new or used.

While the 70cc quad isn’t unique today, thanks to the cheap Chinese 4 wheeler industry, it was at one time.  The little Honda FourTrax was a great option for many people that preferred Honda to Yamaha.  The speed and physical size is comparable to the 60cc Yamaha, but in the red of Honda.  Today, these motors are being cloned by the Chinese due to expired patents.  You can find Chinese ATV knockoffs in 70cc size that are nothing more than a clone of this engine for sale.

Chinese Youth Quads

You may find some other little 60cc kids quads out there from the various China manufacturers that have swept the market in the last decade.  You can buy them cheap, sometimes under $500 or $800, but you need to use caution to make sure you can get parts for them when you need them.  While I will not knock the industry as I purchased three China clone four wheelers for my kids without any real issues, I can tell you they are generally not of the same level of quality as you would get from a major manufacturer.  Still, for the low price of $500, $600, $700 or at least in the range, you can get a lot for your money.

Hopefully you can put some of the information in this article to use as you look for a kids ATV 60cc in size.