Kids Art Easels can provide hours of fun for children, but more than that they are good educational toys too. Apart from the fun that drawing and painting gives children, it naturally improves their observational skills and their co-ordination too.

From toddlers to teens there is always something that can be done on art easels. Most young children will love pick up crayons, chalk or paints and start to make their marks on paper, it seems instinctive. Giving them an easel just encourages them to do more and in the right place too, not on your walls.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel(130375)


Some easels come with a magnetic surface to one of the boards, with a selection of magnetic numbers and letters included or that can be bought as optional extras. These can be particularly useful for improving spelling and mathematics by making games out of them, perhaps give them problems to solve. Also the magnetic pieces are good for giving examples of the forms and shapes of letters and numbers.

Most of us adults probably had to make do with using any space we could find to paint and draw, typically kitchen tables or living room floors. But how much better would it have been to have had our own space for these activities?

There are problems for kids and adults alike when space has to be shared and there is no permanent place for drawing and painting. Giving kids an easel just for them means no more upsets when everything has to be put away to clear the table at meal times for example. It saves time clearing everything away, only then having to put it all out again later.

An art easel not only provides a dedicated space to work in, but also provides a place to store art materials and works while they dry in the case of paintings. Easels usually come with removable storage bins and shelves for art materials. Plus when the time finally comes to put the easel away, most fold flat for easy storage.

Drawing and painting can be an important method of self-expression, which is good for any child, but it has proved very effective in helping children with learning abilities. Art has also proved a useful therapy for children that have experienced trauma, as a way of expressing their feelings.

Little Tikes Double Easel

                                                                  Little Tikes Double Easel

 Creative play encourages creative thinking, something that will prove useful in the future, both in the home and work environments. By allowing and encouraging this creative self-expression is a good way to help boost any child’s self-confidence.