When that time of year approaches to get ready for another birthday party, you may have a lot of worries and stress.

Planning for a party can be stressful, but baking and decorating a cake can be really fun.

This post will give you some great kids birthday cake ideas. Depending on your child's interests, there is a little bit of everything to choose from in this article.

Character Cakes

If your child is constantly talking about a favorite film, toy, cartoon, or character, a character cake is probably your best option.

If your little boy really likes Bob the Builder, how cool would it be to have that character on a cake for him?

Or if your little girl loves a Disney princess, wouldn't it be fun to have a Cinderella cake?

Finding the mold for the cake is the easy part. You can usually find cake molds to fit the character cake from your local upscale baking store or cake decorating shop.

To make things even easier for you, many specialty cake shops have cake molds sold with frosting instructions.

Sports Cakes

Kids birthday cake ideas don't have to be extravagant. If you child loves a sport, you can create a party around a sports theme.

It is easy to decorate these kinds of cake. For example, you can easily decorate a round cake to look like a baseball or basketball.

If you don't want to make the cake look like a ball, it is really easy to recreate a sports field with a rectangular sheet cake. You can find plastic figurines to top it off, such as goals or hoops, and even sports players.

Animal Cakes

If you are planning a party for a younger child, it may be a good idea to go with your child's favorite animal.

Creating an animal cake is very easy. All you do is get two round cakes. Use one of them for the head and use the second one to create ears and other features of the animal.

Some popular animal cakes are kittens, puppies, pandas, and teddy bears.

Photo Cakes

If you are running out of kids birthday cake ideas, take one of your child's favorite photos to your local cake decorating store. In just a few moments, they can prepare an edible version of your photo.

All you will need to do is follow the instructions to put it on the cake. You can also add a little bit of icing to create an unforgettable cake.

Decorate-Your-Own Cake

For this cake idea, all you will need to do is provide the basic necessities: cupcakes, frosting, spreading knives and candies.

This is an easy alternative to freaking out about decorating your child's cake. Have your child and his/her guests decorate their own cupcake.

This could get messy though. Just make sure to spread out some tablecloths and aprons.

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