You may have a more difficult time thinking of kids birthday party games for your little princess. Boy parties seem to be a little easier to plan for since most boys like to run around.

Girls, on the other hand, often prefer "softer" games. They would rather entertain themselves by dressing up or making something.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you plan an all-girls' birthday party that is fun and memorable.

One favorite kids birthday party games for girls involve beads. Imagine if you were an eight-year-old girl and you went to a party where you could make your own bracelet.

How cool would that be? All you need to get is a bead kit or beads, clasps and strings for each girl.

You can often find commercial kits that have all the needed elements to create bracelets, anklets, and earrings.

You can let each girl choose the beads she wants to put her jewelry together. Make sure to have extras though because once the procedure to make a piece of jewelry is learned, your guests will want to make more.

If you are planning a theme party for your daughter, playing dress up could be very fun and appropriate for the occasion.

It would be very fun to dress up to match the theme, or reenact scenes from a movie that also matches the theme.

Another fun kids birthday party game you can have is by playing charades with dress-up. You could have names of famous people on cards to choose from.

You can play charades using the dress-up clothes. Hints can only be given verbally by the person acting out the name on the card. They can try to act or sing like that person.

If age appropriate, girls also like to give each other make-overs. This could include painting each others' finger and toe nails. You could find stickers and beads to add more variety.

They could also work on each others' hair. You could even invite the moms to stay to enjoy this part of the party.

Kids birthday party games for girls don't have to be complicated. Buying beads or nail stick-ons isn't very difficult to plan.

However, if you or your daughter hasn't made beaded jewelry before, you might want to practice a little bit before the big day in case someone needs help.

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