If you are looking to decorate your kids room you might want to take it up a notch and install a ceiling fan into the room with a kids ceiling fan theme. Especially in areas where ceiling fans are virtually necessary to improve the air flow of cool air through a house a normal fan can easily crimp the overall style of a kids room. This is because most ceiling fans are designed for adult areas of the house such as the main living areas. Kids ceiling fans however can be found with a little digging and can really make a kids room feel unique.

Kids Ceiling Fan Designs

As previously stated there are a number of standard types of ceiling fans which are typically installed in the living room or dining room. Most of the standard varieties come with a ceiling fan with lights and these types are almost always themed for adult areas of the house however unusual themes can be found if you look for them specifically.

Kids ceiling fans can specifically be found revolving around just about any kid's themed room. You can find kids ceiling fans designed to look like just about every kind of kids theme ranging from space to princes. It all depends on your child but the basic design of kids ceiling fans is to paint the fan the color of the theme and then design the ceiling fan blades to fit with the theme.

For instance, if you are building a kids themed room around space the ceiling fan blades would probably be painted silver and would be shaped like spaceships. Similarly if a baby girl's princes themed room had a ceiling fan you would look for fans painted pink with the fan blades reflecting the princes theme possibly with drawings on each of them.

The basic rule of thumb however is that you need to know what theme your kids ceiling fans will be built around and then you have to go out and either find a fan that meets that theme head on or find a kids ceiling fan that matches your colors and then replace the ceiling fan blades with custom of homemade blades that meet the theme you are going for.

Usually you will find that kids ceiling fan blades are also a little smaller than regular fan blades because they are more prone to damage being in a kids room so if you are buying or making your fan blades yourself then you should make sure to have a plan for damaged ceiling fan blade replacement if necessary. In the end however installing a kids themed ceiling fan in your kids room will be a great addition and will work to maximize the overall interior design of the room.