Have you been seeing all of the kids walking around talking on cell phones and are wondering why kids need cell phones these days? I can understand people who don't have kids honestly asking this question. Even people with kids might have serious doubts about allowing children to have phones when they see so many kids seemingly glued to the devices playing some game or forever sending and receiving text messages. But, what I am mainly talking about here is not teenagers but younger children and the phones are those made exclusively for children.

Kids cell phones are more important now than ever. If you are a parent then you know that your child's safety always comes first and there is no reason not to do everything you can to make sure that they are always safe if you can. Cell phones for kids make this easier than ever. You can stay in touch with your young one where ever he or she may be. There are several reasons why you may consider purchasing a cell phone for your kid once you read through this information.

The newest kids cell phones, or at least the ones for small children offer a single button so they can call you, this is not only for ease of use but also so that they do not accidentally call a long distance or overseas number and run up your phone bill unexpectedly. These phones will save you a lot of money if your little tyke is a fidgety one and as you may know they all are, the worst they can do with these single button cell phones is call you by accident. If there is ever an emergency when there is not another adult around or even if your child is just at a new baby sitter, allowing your child to carry a kids cell phone can not only be comforting, but could be a life saver. I really like these one button designs because the phone has a single purpose: to communicate with your child either initiated on your end or on theirs.

A step up in functionality from the single button kids cell phones are those with just a few buttons. The Firefly flyPhone and glowPhone are good examples with each phone being made for children to mainly use for calling home or being called by you, but they also have a few extra features like being able to play music or some limited games. The Migo phone from Verizon has even more functionality and options and allows parents to program some convenient options into the phone. The Migo can be tracked via the internet in real time so you can see your child whereabouts whenever you want to check (or the whereabouts of their phone). There is also an option to set the boundaries of the child's allowed roaming area and if the phone leaves that area an automatic message will be sent to the child's phone and the parent's phone. The Migo also aloows for single button toggling through several numbers which you can program into the phone with easy labels like "Mom's Phone", "Home", and that sort of thing. This is a very functional and good looking kids cell phone and many kids seem to like it.

Cell phones for kids do not cost more than any other cell phone and in many cases they are a lot cheaper! I mean, it's not like you need to buy a blackberry for your kid after all. If your kids cell phone lets them make calls and not get on the internet they are much more likely to not get in trouble with toying with it at school as well. The best kids cell phones out there are easy to use and do not cost a lot of money. They have limited functionality and they a limited ability to be abused or get your child in trouble at school.

As a parent making the decision to add a kids cell phone to your cellular plan is one of the biggest investments you can make in your kids safety for years to come. In most cases you are really just looking at the cost of the phone which should be minimal and possibly adding a new phone line to your plan. You can also get prepaid kids cell phones if your kid is getting closer to their teenage years. This may be a great way to limit the cell phone usage and make sure that they are only using it when they need it or when they are expected to use it, and not just to call every number they can think of or spend hours and hours on the phone with friends.

Cell phone kids are becoming more common every day as parents make the right decision to give their kid cell phones and allow them to contact you or the authorities whenever this time of need may come. These phones also work great for everyday when you need to get in contact with your child. And staring them out with a very limited kids cell phone and plan instills some discipline that might otherwise be elusive for parents to communicate.

Some parents hesitate to get a kids cell phone, but they are urged to reconsider their decision. If you are one of the parents that think that your child is too young to have their own cell phone you may want to think about how much times have changed in recent years. The world is not as safe as it once was. Therefore, the need for a child to have a cell phone has risen. Cell phone kids are less likely to be kidnapped, hurt or endangered, so make sure to take advantage of one of the many cheap kids cell phones out there and rest assured that your child is never alone and is always safe from harm.

While kids cell phones are not new, there is still a limited variety available. More are coming out all the time and your mobile phone provider should be able to offer you at least one option that fits the functionality you want for your child's phone.