If you need some creative and practical kids coat rack ideas then you’ve come to the right place.  There are many options for kids coat racks than the standard free standing coat rack or coat rack stand.  Other less common ideas like wall hung coat rack with shelf or even a set of cubicle coat hooks can instead offer kids better coat rack options which are little more age appropriate.

In any event your child needs a good coat rack of his or her own. This article may help you with some ideas.

Interesting Coat Rack Ideas For Kids

Wooden Coat Rack Stand For KidsOne of the best all around options for kids coat hooks are shelves you install on the wall of your kid’s room.  These shelves have hooks attached to them on the underside allowing for coats and hats to hang freely.  The top of these wall hung coat racks doubles as an extra area for hats, decorations, or accessories your kid may have and it may also be used for purely decorative purposes.

The construction of these types of coat hooks is usually wood with metal hooks or pegs which protrude out of the wall and allow for easy hanging.  These types of coat racks are better than standard coat rack trees or other similar types of mounted hat racks because they do not sit on the ground.  Because kids spend a lot of time playing on the ground lifting items like these up onto the wall can free up more space for them.  Assuming there are capable of not ripping the wall mounted coat rack off the wall this is an excellent idea.  If not you maybe tied to wooden or metal coat stand just like you may have in your living room.

Some other interesting ideas for kid’s coat rack are multipurpose pieces of furniture which combine the functionality of a table or desk with that of a coat stand.  Many interesting pieces of furniture are sold at specialty stores and if your child is more prone to destroying wall mounted coat hook then maybe these dual use furniture items may be of use.

Black Hanging Coat Hook With ShelfSome wood magazine racks have built in multiuse functionality as they can be used for storage and for hanging coats if they have the right type of design.  Other options include ordinary coat hooks driven right into the wood frame of a top bunk bed.  The wood frame of these beds is usually quite sturdy, often a lot more sturdy then wall board next to a door jam and they end up doing great at keeping the floor clear.

In closets a few other options exist.  Many people have traditional bars where hanging clothes hang from some may have rolling coat racks which can be used for clothing or coats.  These are similar to the valet racks used by many hotels.  You can also consider buying large coat hangers for the closet or you can simply keep your kid’s coats out in the hall closet if space is really an issue.

The Best Kids Coat Rack

Kids Coat Rack Set

Of all the many options however probably the best kid’s coat rack is simply the standard type of coat rack we all have in our homes and entry ways – the only difference is that it is actually designed for a kid.  It is shorter and themed to be kid’s specific too.

This pencil furniture set complete with coat rack stand and matching table, chair and book case is cute enough to work in just about any kid’s room.  As your child gets a little older you may want to upgrade to something slightly more age appropriate but you can’t go wrong with this.  The reviews of actual parents over on Amazon also show how popular this option is as well.