Kids craft projects can be a lot of fun, especially around the holidays. It keeps little hands busy, and they can beam with pride at their finished project. With all the great craft supplies that are on the market now, there is no end to the great craft projects that you and the kids can make.

Glitter is one of the most popular craft supplies, and it can transform a simple little plastic dollar store figurine or decoration into a stunning Christmas ornament or gift. You can get glitter at craft stores or online, as well as many dollar stores will carry it too.

Kids Craft Projects - Glitter Ornaments

For these Glitter ornaments, you will need to find some plain plastic figures, such as you would see at the dollar store, or even Styrofoam shapes work well for this craft project as well, or any plain ornament, that you think could benefit from some glitter. You can take tired looking old Christmas ornaments and give them a second life with a coat of glitter.

You will need spray adhesive glue, or if you prefer you can use a thin layer of white craft glue that you paint on. You will need to supervise kids with any glue. You will also need a large zip lock baggie, and lots of glitter in the colors of your choice.

Take a container of glitter and pour it into the baggie. Set this aside. Now take your small figurine and either spray it with the glue adhesive, or paint a thin layer of the white glue on it, make sure to cover it entirely. This is where kids can get sticky fingers, so maybe you should have them wearing aprons!.


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Then have someone else open the baggie, and drop your figurine in the baggie. Now zip it closed, and have the kids shake it. The figurine will become coated in the glitter.

Once it has been evenly coated, you can remove it, and let it sit and dry overnight. The glitter basically sticks to the glue surface of your object. The glitter can transform any plain little ornament into something special. You can take a look through the dollar store and get all kinds of ideas for using glitter. You can also do this will small wooden items as well.

This is a great affordable kids craft project, and is a lot of fun. You don't have to stick to traditional holiday colors of glitter either. There is a huge line of glitter colors now, including such colors as bright purple!. Or kids can just coat only part of the object with the glue so that the glitter only glues to a certain part. There are many ways of creating glitter ornaments.

I once had some old wooden ornaments, that had seen better days, and got the kids to coat them with the spray glue, then plop in a bag with glitter. They look great now! So this can be a great way to revive old ornaments, instead of leaving them in the box. Or if you want a bit of a color theme.

You could stop at this point, or you can add even more decorations to the glitter objects, such as ribbons or anything they want. This will all depend on the age of the kids doing the glitter craft project.

It is amazing, just how great and sparkly these little ornaments or figures will look once they come out of the baggie. If they are destined for the Christmas tree, they will sparkle with the lights. Kids love this kind of arts and crafts projects, as they are fast and they see results right away.

Now you can take your glitter ornaments and either hang them on the tree, or use to decorate their room or the house, or give as a gift. Also see Kids Craft Projects - Potato Stamping and Kids Craft Projects - Picture Tote Bag for more ideas.