If you are looking for kids craft projects, especially for older kids, or are willing to supervise younger kids, then this is something they can make for themselves and carry it around proudly. This would make a great book bag or toy bag, and what a great way to personalize it too!

Kids Craft Projects - Picture Tote Bag

For this great craft, you will need a fabric or canvas blank tote bag. You can get these at craft stores, and many discount stores such as Wal-Mart will carry these in their craft departments for a good price. Or you can get them in bulk online at Amazon or Ebay.

You will need some pictures or photos that are important to your child or that they would like of their family or pet for example, or even pictures of themselves or their own artwork. This is a great craft to use those photographs you have hanging around in drawers that no one gets to see. You can do as many as these on the tote as you want. You can try arranging them in a pattern, or you can have a theme.

You will also need a piece of clear plastic that you can get at fabric stores. Some scissors, embroidery thread and large point needle. If you have kids that are old enough to handle sharp scissors and needle and floss, then let them do this. Otherwise you will need to supervise young kids.

Take your pictures and decide how you are going to display them on the tote bag. Stay away from the folds, these look best on the flat front or back.

Measure a piece of plastic that will be 1/2 inch bigger than your photograph or picture on all sides. Using a ruler lightly draw out the size on the plastic and then cut it out with the sharp scissors.

Place your plastic piece on the tote bag and decide where you want you picture or pictures (you can do more than one for a great effect). You can use a bit of masking tape to help keep it in place.

Now with your sharp needle and some embroidery floss you can use a simple stitch to secure the plastic to the tote bag on 3 sides of the plastic, making sure not to use more than the 1/2 allowance (or the picture will not fit). It is easier to get the picture in if you only secure the edges of the plastic. Or you can create interest with cross stitches in the corner. Whatever you desire for the floss. You can also use bright colors for this, or something that compliments the picture.

Kids Craft Projects - Stitch 3 sides of Plastic

Once you have stitched the 3 sides of the plastic with the decorative floss (two sides and the bottom) to your tote bag then you can remove any masking tape, and then simply slip your picture into the plastic pocket facing outwards (the top part that you have left open). This way the picture can be removed if the tote bag needs to be cleaned or lightly washed. Or if you want to change the pictures.

This is a great way for young teens to personalize their tote bags, or book bags or sleepover bags. This also makes a great gift for friends and relatives. They can also add to this by using glitter pens, or permanent colored markers and draw under each picture or a comment. If you use a standard sized picture or photograph such as 4 x 6 inches, then you can change out the pictures easily, when they want to change the look of the bag.

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