If you have been trying to find some new kids craft projects for the season, especially for gift giving, then here is one that is great for all ages (with parent supervision of course!)

Potato Stamping. Stamping has been a fun craft project for many years, and there is no end to what you can stamp for a craft or a gift or for themselves. With all the great user friendly craft supplies on the market now,  project can be a lot of fun and safe.

As to how much you let the kids do of this craft will of course depend on their age. But if they are old enough to handle a knife, then you can let them create the stamp, but if they are younger, then you will need to do the cutting, and let them do the stamping.

How to Create a Stamp

Take a large potato and cut it in half. Dry off any moisture with a paper towel, and then plan a very simple design, such as a star or shape. Take a marker and draw it on the face of the potato.

Now take a knife, and cut away any potato around the shape you have drawn. It will be this shape that will be stamped on the crafts. You don't need to cut very deep, just enough for the shape to stand out.



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Now take your poster paints or acrylic paints, and also a project surface, such as an apron, or tote bag or table cloth or whatever you think would make a great project or gift. It should be cotton to absorb the paint best. You can also use fabric paints, which are more durable depending on the use of the project. If it is something that will need to get washed a lot, then fabric paints work the best.

You can also get an additive that you can add to your present collection of acrylic paints, that makes them into fabric paints (Delta sells such an additive, check in the craft store). This could save you on having to buy special fabric paints.

Take your paint and paint on your carved out design on your potato, and then carefully stamp it onto your craft project. (You may want to stamp on a piece of paper to get rid of excess paint, you will need to practice with this part to get it right)

Use Blank Totes

There are so many great cotton projects that you can do the potato stamping on. Blank cotton tote bags is a great place to start, if this is to be a Christmas gift or any gift such as for birthdays. More and more people are using tote bags for shopping instead of plastic bags as their way to help with the environment.

This is a great way to personalize them from the kids. Craft projects, should be simple and fun, and this is a great one. You can also have them practice first on a piece of paper to make sure it works well, before stamping it on the project.

You can get blank tote bags from craft supply stores, and if you need to get them in bulk, you can get them online at such places as Ebay and Amazon.

After the kids have perfected their potato stamping project, then you can give them a permanent marker and get them to sign their artwork. By using permanent markers, it will withstand washing. This makes a great gift idea for grandparents or relatives who would love these as gifts. Also see Kids Craft Projects - Picture Tote Bag and Kids Craft Projects - Glitter Ornaments for more ideas.