Kids Dancewear

The kids dance wear business is growing larger every year. Parents and schools alike agree that the benefits of dance play and dance classes make positive contributions in a child's life.

It used to be that every little boy wanted to grow up to become a fireman or a policeman, and every little girl wanted to be a fairy princess or a movie star. Many kids change their minds after watching the Nutcracker Ballet or the magic of The Ice Capades. The child sees the beauty of artistic movement and suddenly begins begging for dance classes and ice skating classes.

Dance wear for kids is a huge market on the internet If your child is enrolled in a professional school, the teacher will be a big help when it comes to choosing the right dance clothes. Taking a clue from the other dance moms and students will also help you make the right choices. If you are new to the world of kids dance wear, you will find just as many style variations and accessories available for kids as there are for adults.

Kids Dance Wear Comes In Many Different Styles and Grades

Where to start? I will try to break them down into style categories for you. Whatever type of dance wear that you can conceive for an adult is available in kids sizes too.

Non-professional dance wear- Dance wear for kids that is non-professional means that a kid has the freedom to pick any style or color they want. Dance schools with less rigid dress code rules allow freedom of choice and the students might be found wearing different shades of leotards, tights, and shoes.

Professional dance wear-Kids dance wear in the professional category are what serious dance academies require that all students wear. These required outfits are only allowed in certain colors and styles so the class appears uniform in appearance. For example, the young students who train for the Paris Opera Ballet must all wear the same exact leotard, tights, and shoes.

So Many Choices for Dancing Kids!

Leotards-Kids leotards can come in every color under the sun. The styles are endless; v-neck, tank-style, classic, v-back, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, puff-sleeve, off the shoulder and lace-up.

Tights-Tights for kids can come with feet or without feet. The can also come with "convertible" feet which allows the dancer to expose her foot without having to remove the tights.

Shoes-Dance shoes include ballet slippers, tap shoes, jazz shoes, gymnastic shoes, ballroom shoes, lyrical dance shoes and many more.

Warm-up Gear-Kids can use legwarmers, wrap sweaters, over-skirts, jogging pants, and even nylon jumpsuits for warming up.

Accessories-The art of dance comes with many accessories for the dancer. There are hair pins, ribbons, bows, pins, gloves, hats, toe-savers, face make-up, shoe glue, and something known as the dance bag to carry all the accessories in.

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Other Reputable Companies That Sell Kids Dance Wear

Here are some of my favorite online sites for purchasing dance wear for kids:

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