Kids drawer knobs come in a seemingly endless variety of styles, shapes and sizes. From standard/traditional styles to cartoon characters - and everything in between - you'd probably be surprised at how many different options you have when it comes time to replace or embellish your child's dresser, night stand or chest of drawers.

Specialized Shapes

Think you're stuck buying the standard round or bar-shaped knobs? Think again. If you've got an eye for the eccentric (or, at the very least, children with some very specific tastes), check out some of the crazy shapes and designs available throughout the kids drawer knob line. It's super easy to find nontraditional shapes like:

  • Spiderman and other cartoon characters
  • Flowers and plants
  • Letters and numbers
  • Even random shapes, like lightning bolts and tic-tac-toe boards

What child wouldn't get excited about specialized kids drawer knobs? Imagine opening your sock drawer by pulling on a fancy Batman logo? Or having a tea party while doll-shaped knobs look on? And surprisingly, these custom shapes aren't very expensive - in many cases they are actually cheaper than traditional drawer knobs, especially those produced by name brand designers.

Standards Shapes, Fun Kid Looks

Not interested in a replica of My Little Pony protruding from your child's drawers? Don't worry, you can still add some fun into your kids' room without going overboard. A wide variety of colors, patterns and even pictures are available on the tried-and-true round, oval and bar shaped drawer knobs.

Here are just a few samples of what you might find painted onto a standard kids drawer knob:

  • Superheroes (such as Spiderman and Batman), dolls and other cartoon characters
  • Dinosaurs and unicorns
  • Flowers, trees, plants, fruits, vegetables and ferns
  • Bright patterns and designs

Some companies will even allow you to custom order your own kids drawer knobs with whatever design you want; which means you can print camera pictures or even your child's name right there on the drawer knob.

Installing Kids Drawer Knobs

Kids drawer knobs are no different than other knobs when it comes to installation or removal. They are generally held on with a single screw that protrudes through the drawer face and into the insid of the drawer. Getting them on and off is simple, requires nothing more than a screwdriver (usually a Phillips head, but occasionally a flat head) and your own two hands. Simply hold the knob in place with one hand and guide the screw through the hole in the back side of the front wall of the drawer. When the screw threads "bite" the knob threads, use the screwdriver to finish the job. Don't turn the screw excessively tight (you don't' want to strip the threads), but make sure it's snug enough to withstand years of pulling.