Any child receiving a real electric guitar will be thrilled. These make great birthday and Christmas presents. Giving a child a working electric guitar can help to encourage in them an interest in music. Many kids will not have a clue how to use them, but they'll have a blast playing with them.

When picking out a kid's electric guitar, there are a few things that you should look for. An amp is necessary to hear the music. Ok-technically what comes out will probably not be very musical but if you can teach your child a few chords maybe they'll have enough inherent musical talent to figure out the rest. If not sign your kid up for some music lessons, and see if they improve.

A guitar strap is necessary to help them to hold the guitar up for extended periods. A cord to connect the guitar to the amp should be included in the kit. Most don't come with an AC or DC adapter. If the amp runs on batteries you'll need to find an adapter so that the amp can be run off an electrical outlet. Some of the kid's electric guitars have cheap strings. You may need to pick up some good quality strings to keep the guitar in tune. The final thing you need (well it would be nice to have) is a guitar pick. The pick is used to strum the strings.

Kid's electric guitars come in a wide range of colors. Get one that the child will like. If the guitar isn't a secret present taking the child with you to pick out the one they like the best can be a big help in getting one that they will enjoy playing with.

A child's electric guitar should be a good quality instrument. These are not toys but miniature musical instruments. If you pick up one that is of low quality the sound will be effected and it will not last as long.