A good way to get your child off the couch and into the great outdoors is an electric scooter. Kid's electric scooters are a great way to give your child a reason to go outside and get some exercise.

Scooters can look like the ones that we are all familiar with or they can come decked out with all the latest bells and whistles. Regardless of which type of scooter is desired there are state and federal laws that must be followed as well as safety precautions.

All scooters will come with a maximum weight allowance and if you have teenagers or playful adults that will want to mess with your kid's scooter get one with a high weight tolerance. This is a tempting and fun toy for kids of all ages so getting one that is appropriate is important.

Most scooters will have less than an hour of battery life. The life of the battery will vary by type of scooter and the terrain that they are being ridden over. Scooters usually have speeds of 10- 15 miles per hour and helmets should be worn to ensure safety.

The price range of scooters will start at about 100 dollars and go up from there.

Sit down scooters enable the child to sit while cruising around. These are more comfortable for the child and look more like an electric bicycle or moped than a scooter. These are comfortable and easy to ride and often have baskets or other storage areas for children to keep stuff in. There is a hard plastic shell which is often brightly colored. These are called Ride-on scooters.

Stand up scooters are the ones that are more familiar to most people. There is a base for standing and the kid must remain standing while riding. These scooters are still colorful but don't have the extra plastic shell. If the scooter claims to be a "kick-off" scooter that means the child needs to get it started with his or her feet before the engine will engage.

The main accessories needed for the safe use of a scooter is a helmet and pads. Kids will be kids and occasional crashes are unavoidable. Using a helmet and pads will keep the scrapes and scratches to a minimum.

It is important to teach your child how to ride an electric vehicle safely. Scooters should be kept on the pavement as they are not suitable for off road riding. Certain types can handle curbs and bumps in the pavement better than others and reading a few reviews can help to determine which on would work best for your child.

The age of your child will help to determine which model is the best. Younger children need smaller scooters while older children need larger ones. Check the age recommendations before purchasing. Getting a scooter with an adjustable seat will help your child not outgrow the scooter too quickly.

Look through some catalogs and pictures with your child and see if a certain style seems to strike their fancy. Finding one that they like the looks of will help to keep them interesting in the new gift longer. Most kids don't get bored with electric vehicles too quick but getting one that they like will help them to get more enjoyment out of it.