High Quality or Cheap ATV?

There are plenty of great kids four wheelers to choose from, some to fit nearly any budget. Some of the models are about the size of a typical 4 wheeled ride on toy, with others made for a bigger youth, perhaps even teenagers. You'll find plenty of great youth quads out there, some better than others. Let's take a look at some of the common four wheelers for kids out there from the major manufacturers.

110cc Four Wheelers 7" Tires Atvs, Black
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(price as of Dec 30, 2015)


The Yamaha kids four wheeler lineup includes the Raptor 90, a sleek, sporty atv that's been around for quite some time, and utility model, the Grizzly 125. Both of these models have been copied by Chinese four wheelers.  Both offer plenty of fun for the youth riders. The Raptor ATV lineup, with the sporty design is typically a favorite among many atv enthusiasts. The Grizzly has the classic utility look, and it's a little bigger, so the teenager can still ride in comfort. The Grizzly will run you about $3,500 new, while the Raptor will command about $2,800. Both will have a good resale value. Both are very nice kids four wheelers.


The TRX90X will run you about $3,000, but the quality and reliability are typically considered the best in the class of the kids four wheelers. The body style is pretty sleek and sporty, making it popular with many youth atv riders. The price, while the highest of the major brands, is more reasonable when you consider resale value. Typically, Honda atv's have great resale value. Kids four wheelers like this one will likely last you many years, going through many children. These are a big step up from cheap Honda clones.


While no longer offering a 50cc atv, the QuadSport Z90 is still available. The classic Suzuki design has remained fairly consistent over the years. This is not a knock, the look of the atv is really cool. Best of all is the price. At about $2,500 new, this Suzuki kids four wheeler is among the best values from the major brands. These are nice youth atv's made by a major manufacturer, not a knockoff company.


110cc Four Wheelers 6" Tires Atvs, Red
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(price as of Dec 30, 2015)


Polaris offers several kids four wheeler options. The Outlaw models, available in 50cc and 90cc sizes, and the Sportsman 90 are all part of the extensive youth atv lineup from Polaris. The Outlaw 50 has a cool, sporty look, and will run you just under $2,000 new. The 90cc Outlaw will set you back about $2,500, the same price as the utility style Sportsman 90. Both seem to offer good value for a youth atv. The price is reasonable on these kids four wheelers, making them worth investigating. The Sportsman mirrors the big models, for the youth that want to be just like dad.

Arctic Cat:

The 90, a nice utility style kids four wheeler, complete with racks, and the sporty 90DVX are both quite popular. You'll also find a 150 utility atv, making it a great choice for the teenager that likes to ride. All are available in that nice, deep Arctic Cat red color. These youth quads offer a good resale value, and nice looks, making them popular with virtually all youth atv enthusiasts. These are among the nicer kids four wheelers on the market.


You may want to consider off brand youth ATV's as well.