There are several kinds of kids four wheelers out there. For many on a budget, the Chinese atv companies are worth considering. Commonly patterned after the major brands, like Honda and Yamaha, these atv's carry a much, much lower price. In fact, you'll find that in many cases, they cost roughly one third of the major brands. This make the off brand kids four wheelers very enticing for many families on a budget. Here's some of the off brand quads offered, some under 600 dollars, and some information to help you choose the best atv for your youth rider.



You'll find many of the cheap kids four wheelers for sale out there just don't have the physical sizing needed for larger riders. On the flip side, the littlest of youth riders can find a nice atv to ride. This helped to start the Chinese atv revolution that began with Kazuma ATV models. They make some very small 4 wheeled atv's, which can be ridden by smaller riders. The engine size will range from 50cc on up. In fact, the 110cc Falcon model is a nice in between size for the bigger youth riders that are just too large for the little ones, but not quite ready for the adult models. The model that made Kazuma a player was the 50cc Meerkat, often available for under 500 dollars. Kids four wheelers is the company's specialty, with many models and sizes to choose from.


Jetmoto has some great kids four wheelers, most of which are for slightly larger and older atv riders. Many models, like the 110cc have sleek designs, which is somewhat similar to a Raptor or TRX. You can actually put your teenager in a nice new 4 wheeled beast for under $1,000.


You'll find the BMX lineup to be fairly similar to the Kazuma four wheelers for kids. They offer a 50cc mini for just over $500. In addition, there is a 110cc mini available with a little more power and speed for experienced, but small riders. These cheap atv's look really cool, with a nice sleek design.


The cheap atv lineup moves up in price with these kids four wheelers, but the increase appears to be warranted. These youth quads have a much wider stance, and a seriously sporty, if not race worthy appearance. The beefy stance looks like it would offer increased stability for youth riders. The 90cc Typhoon will run you about $1,800 new. These are "cheap" kids four wheelers with a kick.

Are Off Brand ATV's Worth The Money?

As a proud Kazuma owner, I believe they are. Both of my son's 110cc Falcons are running well over 4 years later. The kid's four wheelers cost me just under $1,000 each, and are going to be outgrown before they are worn out.

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