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As parents, most of us have the desire to make the childhood of our offspring, rich, enjoyable and varied. We may wish to take our kids to special and interesting places on weekends and holidays; places that are stimulating and fun. However, trips and outings can turn out to be tortuous, especially when kids get bored. In such situations of boredom, the rugrats may whinge, misbehave or even throw a tantrum. So the answer is, to find some wacky, fun and stimulating places to visit; places which incite enthusiasm and these.

The Busted Plug, South Carolina

Busted PlugCredit: Flickr Quester mark

The American painter and sculptor Blue Sky (formerly Warren Edward Johnson) created this sculpture, called The Busted Plug,  to look like a fire hydrant that been smashed by a car. Made of aluminium, the sculpture weighs 700,000 pounds and by design, has water leaking and shooting out of it.

The sculpture which is about 40 feet tall, attracts kids like a magnet. It has however been sitting in a car park owned by AgFirst Farm Credit Bank. This bank has donated the art piece to the City of Columbia, so the sculpture may be on the move soon.

Anyway if you are going to South carolina, or you already live there, stop by the The Busted Plug.


Uniroyal Tire, Michigan

 Uniroyal Tire, located in Allen Park, Michigan.Credit: wikipedia

The "Uniroyal Tire" is located east of Detroit Metro Airport and it is the World's Largest Tire. Built as an advertisement for Uniroyal Tyres for the 1964-65 New York World's Fair, this structure actually used to be a Ferris wheel. In 1966, this giant tyre was moved to Allen Park and in 1998 the Uniroyal company stabbed a 11-foot-long, 250-pound nail into the tyre. In 2003 the nail was sold on eBay for $3,000 to a local business man, who will loan the nail out for various events.

So why not take a picnic and watch the kids get excited about the world's largest tyre.

Bob’s Java Jive, Tacoma

World Famous Bob's Java JiveCredit: Flickr homini

Bob's Java Jive  restaurant in Tacoma, was built in 1927. It is 25 feet tall and was named after the 1940's tune by the Ink Spots, called "Java Jive". In the early years of the restaurant , Bing Crosby, Harold Lloyd and Clara Bow supposedly hung out here. And later in 1961,  The Wailers, famous for their song, “Louie Louie”, performed here.  In the 1950's this place was a beat hangout and at one stage there were caged bonobo monkeys and go-go dancers here. The  restaurant has also appeared in a film or two; "I Love You To Death" starring Kevin Kline and "Say Anything ..." with John Cusack. These days however, you can join in the evening karaoke, or enjoy some onion rings and fries at the bar.

World's largest rocking chair, Missouri

 World's largest rocking chair,Credit: wikipedia


The World’s Largest Rocking Chair, was constructed in 2008 and can be found on historic Route 66, outside the Fanning Outpost General Store. The chair is 46-foot, made of wood and steel and on one day every year, it is possible for people to be lifted up onto the chair, so that they can have their photo taken. What a wonderful quirky photo that would be!

Tin Man of Forkland, Alabama


Tin ManCredit: Flickr Ccalolina Terp

The 32 foot tall Tin Man, stands on Jim Bird's fields, on Highway 43 in Forkland, Alabama. It is a pretty offbeat sight to see, but one that certainly brings smiles to the faces of all. The creator of this and other quirky sculptures, Jim Bird, wanted to make something to entertain and stimulate the bored people driving past his field in cars. Kids after seeing this $50 sculpture, will probably want to watch the movie The Wizard of Oz.

North Star Mall, Texas

Big boots, San AntonioCredit: wikipedia


If you want to take the kids shopping, why not take them to the well-known  landmark,  created by Texas artist Bob "Daddy-O" Wade. This cow-boy boot, sculpture is located at the front of a mall which has over 200 specialty stores.



Big Duck, New York

The big DuckCredit: wikipedia


The Big Duck, is made of a mixture of cement and sand, applied over woven or steel mesh and the duck's eyes are made from a Ford Model T tail lights. The building was constructed in 1931, by a duck farmer and was used as a place to sell ducks and duck eggs. Nowadays, in the world of architecture, any building that is literally shaped like its product, is called a "duck".

Big Pineapple, Queensland, Australia

The Big PineappleCredit: wikipedia


Situated on the on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, the Big Pineapple, was a tourist icon of days gone by. Today when visiting the Big Pineapple, you can also visit the small animal zoo, pineapple train ride and engage in a rainforest walk.





Golden Guitar, Tamworth, Australia

The Golden GuitarCredit: wikipedia

The Golden Guitar was set up infront of the Longyard Hotel, on Sydney Road, Tamworth in 1988 and unveiled by the great country music artist, Slim Dusty. The Golden Guitar is modelled directly on the trophies given out each year, at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.


So why not plan to visit some of these novelty attractions? The kids will love them. Pack a picnic, take some pencils for drawing and tell the kids about the history of theses places. What fun!

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