Woolite Rug Stick

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Some kid friendly, Mom tough cleaning supplies

My wife and I have a great little boy.  He is 13 months old, and is the light of our lives.  We show him off every chance we get, and love every bit of him.  Nothing can change the way he makes us feel.  Even after spats between the two of us, all we have to do is look at our son's smile or watch him sleep, and we know that it will all be okay.  

However, as most parents know, kids are messy.  I dare any parent to tell me that their child as an infant/toddler was not an extremely cute, but destructive tornado running amuck inside and outside.

After many hours spent at the store, and lots of wasted money, my wife an I have found some very effective supplies for cleaning up behind the little guy.  

Learning to eat at the table led to lots of food smashed into the carpet.  To combat this, we found the Woolite 850B Rug Stick Carpet & Rug Cleaner . It is super easy to use, and extremely effective.  According to the brand's publications, it has powerful cleaning action pushes foam deep into carpet, lifting and loosening embedded dirt from the bottom of the carpet fibers up.  I would find it hard to disagree with these descriptions.  Sure, steam cleaners may be more effective, but they are so expensive and take so long to dry.  I don't know about you, but I think it would be near impossible to keep a toddler out of a room that it wants to get into.


For quick clean ups, we love to use Clorox brand Disinfecting Wipes.  We prefer the fresh scent, although they also offer Lemon, Lavender and Orange.  Those three tend to be a little too powerful for us, and the fresh scent seems to match exactly what we like.  Don't wipe your little one's face with these, but the tray on their high chair, their toys, and other items that seem to get a lot of use seem to benefit from the cleaning power of the wipes.  They also claim to kill the cold and flu viruses.  Whether it be from the wipes or his immunizations, I'm not sure, but he did not get sick during flu season.  Maybe it is true.


Laundry is a daily activity for my wife.  We have switched to All Oxi-Active, from Dreft. Dreft was great, but I was shocked at the price the first time I went in to buy it.  It is just laundry detergent after all.  So I convinced my wife to at least try something else.  We looked at recommendations, reviews and prices, and found the All Oxi-Active.  We never had any issues with our son having allergic reactions to the laundry detergent despite him seeming to have reactions to other items in every day life.  Not only that, but at the grocery store down the road, All is usually 50-60% less expensive than the same size Dreft.


And finally, my least favorite chore is manning the vacuum cleaner.  My wife insists on vacuuming on a near daily basis.  I love her for this.  However, I wonder if we had any thing other than the Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner , I wonder if she would do it as often.  Our Dyson seems to suck up anything and everything, and is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to recommend.  It is super light-weight and doesn't seem to creat more dust than it cleans as with many traditional vacuums.  


Those are just a few helpful hints when cleaning up after a toddler.  Good luck on the rest of it!!