One of the best ways to express your love and adoration for your kids is to have their name tattooed on you. In fact, kids name tattoo designs are the one of the most popular designs among parents all over the country. It's the next best thing to getting a portrait of your kids done. At the same time, your kid's name can also be tattooed along with his or her portrait.

Many of those who get kids name and portrait tattooed are those who have lost their kids and want to preserve their memory and take it with them. But there are also many parents who get these types of tattooed done mainly because they simply adore their kids and they want to feel like the kids are with them wherever they go. Whatever your reasons, inspirations and motivations may be, getting any of those kids name tattoo designs is a rewarding experience.

Should you decide to get your kids name tattooed, the next thing you need to thing about is how you want the name to look like. You can simply go for a stylized font that reflects your kid's personality. For example, you can get a playful font if your kid is the life of the party, or a swirly, elegant font if you are dedicating it to your little princess. There is actually a lot of room for playing with the design, notwithstanding the fact that the artist will only be tattooing letters.

The kids name tattoo designs can also be integrated with other elements. For example, you can have a small airplane winding through the name if your little tot loves airplanes and dreams of becoming a pilot. You can have a tiara resting on a letter if your little daughter is growing up with a royal air in her. You can also have the names as part of a bigger design that puts together lots of other elements. Whatever you decide on having, it is certain that your kid will have the time of his or her life the moment she sees her name etched on your skin.