House Party

Planning a party for a child involves a lot of activities and sometimes a lot of patience. Kids like to have fun, be rowdy and sometimes allow things to get out of hand if there isn't an adult present to rein in the fun. And of course, more challenges arise if at a venue like a theme park or a restaurant because then you need to make sure that no one wanders and that other people are being respected. It all can get tricky. So if you've opted to stay at home for the birthday party, you'll need to make sure there's sufficient party entertainment that'll satisfy every child while also giving you a bit of time to breath and relax. Keeping the party at home can save you more money than if traveling to a theme park (gas, tickets, expensive park food), and will also make it easy to account for every child present. Now, if you have the resources and a sufficient number of adults, then a theme park isn't too bad of an idea. But if you're vastly outnumbered, it'd probably be best to keep the party local.

Wii Party Games

There are a few things you can do to make it a fun party for your child. If you've given them a Wii system, you could host a Wii party at home with the available party games that tend to come out almost every year. Kids love playing video games, and the Wii system is probably the best game console when it comes to family entertainment. They have a ton of all-inclusive games that everyone can join in and have fun. And with the motion sensing gameplay, it gets everyone active and out of their chairs making for good physical activity. There are Wii party games that replicate classic carnival games, and games that mimic popular sport events you see on ESPN, they also have racing games where kids can choose popular characters to play with. So if you're still wondering what to do at your child's birthday party, the Wii system can make for great kids party entertainment.

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The Professionals

Another idea would be to hire professionals to come and provide the entertainment. They can offer clowns, magicians, popular characters like the Cat in the Hat and also provide material like a face painting area if kids want to imitate a character themselves. They'll often have arts and crafts for the kids to work on, typically for those young picassos want to express their creative sides. Balloon artists can make it a bit more interesting with balloon dogs and flowers that are sure to wow the kids at a party. Professional kids party entertainers can also help if you were planning a treasure hunt for the children. People in these businesses are usually friendly and joyful since all they do is entertain kids for a living. They'll help you with hiding items and awarding prizes. Airbrush painting on t-shirts will act as party favors for the kids that they can take home and wear in class the next day. Additionally, often times these party entertainment companies have huge inflatable bouncers that kids can play on. They might play on that thing alone all day.

Wholesale Party Supplies

If you're looking to save money, you could just plan activities for kids that require no extra material or equipment, this would still provide the fun and entertainment they'd want to have. And there are plenty out there that can be found that offer team building qualities and instill good social interaction skills. Buying cheap wholesale party supplies will also save you a dime if you're really in a financial crunch, or if you just value frugality. This can range from party supplies to favors and theme decorations. Buying these items in bulk will give you extra money to spend on other important things.

Be A Kid

So if you're looking for kids party entertainment for home, these options should be able to satisfy you and the kids at your event. You'll avoid any stressful situations with party entertainers serving as extra eyes on kids, and you won't have to worry about high expenses if buying wholesale party supplies. And Wii party games are sure to keep your kids glued to the TV while you relax and watch or join in with them. There are many ways you can make it a memorable party for your child without leaving home. And who knows? You yourself might jump in the inflatable bouncer and forget you're supposed to be the adult.

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