Your little one just always seems to get wet and muddy. No matter where you are or where you go, there always seems to be laundry at the end of the day.

Tuffo Unisex-Baby Infant Muddy Buddy Coverall, Blue, 2T
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 By wearing kids rain pants, you can save yourself a ton of laundry, not to mention saving their clothes.

These sets, are perfect for outside. If you want to work in your garden, and your kids like to "help" especially after a rain, then slipping this type of  suit or rain pants on them gives them that added protection from the mud and wet. No openings for that water to seep into. These have been designed just for kids.

These types of suits, can go right over bigger coats and sweaters too. So, they can still be outside when it is in that slushy part of the winter, where there tends to be more rain than snow. These wash and are easy to put on and take off.

If you have been using kids rain gear, such as coats and rubber boots, but you are still finding that your little one ends up wet (some kids just love getting wet), then consider a all in one for that added protection. These are great for kids that end up in the puddle instead of jumping over it.

These are a great design, with a hood to keep them dry head to toe, it also helps as a wind breaker on those wet and windy days. Many jackets and winter coats, just can't take the rain, so add a layer of protection to their outerwear with this type of affordable gear. Pair them up with a good pair of kids rubber boots, and they will be protected from head to toe.  Super colorful, you will spot your little one a mile away.

So, if you have been thinking about adding that extra layer of protection from the wet weather, then that is a good idea too, but consider getting a "all in one" or one piece suit to add that layer of protection. You can get them in all kinds of styles and colors, but make sure you buy them with enough room for those coats. This way you can extend the wear of their coats and sweaters.

 You can usually get these in discount department stores and kids clothing stores. But not all the stores will sell this style of all in one. Many will sell the coat and pants separately, but if you want complete protection from head to toe, a one piece jumpsuit style rain gear will be the better way to go.

If you can't find these in you local clothing store, then you can find them online. At such places as Amazon for example. They carry a complete line of kids all weather gear. Trying to find kids rain pants to fit can be easier online. There is more variety to choose from.

When purchasing one piece kids rain pants, you may want to consider getting one size bigger, that way you can also wear them over heavier coats and sweaters. So, save on your laundry with this extra layer of protection.

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