Why a Kids Rain Poncho - If you are looking for something that your kids can throw on quickly in the rain or for playing in the puddles, such as puddle jumping, and they just don't like wearing raincoats, then consider a kids rain poncho. They simply have to slip it on over their head and this will keep them dry. Plus they are a portable option for those rainy days

Kids rain gear comes in all different shapes, styles and sizes. You can get everything from a lined raincoat for the fall and winter, to a lightweight one for those summer rains. But another option to keep your kids dry are a kids rain poncho.

They can quickly pull them on over their head. They are not lined, and can be folded up quite small. Which makes them perfect for packing in their backpacks or even their lunch bags. They have a hood to keep their head dry as well.

They are a great way to keep them dry on a slushy day too in early spring when there is more rain than snow, but they still need their winter coats for warmth. They can put one of these kids rain ponchos over top of their winter coat for that extra layer of dryness. This is a great option if they also have to walk home from school.kids rain poncho

A kids rain poncho is a great portable way to keep them dry if a sudden rain comes up while out on a walk. They are totally affordable and you can get a few of these to keep on hand.

But just because they will keep them dry, may not be enough reason for your kids to want to wear them. So, you should consider a colorful themed kids rain poncho, so that they will be happy to wear this protection in the rain. They are also great for kids, who don't like the restrictions of a coat with sleeves.

A rain poncho, will keep their head warm, and you can get them in different lengths. You can get them in a variety of colors and themes. Some with cartoon characters on them. Disney is a popular theme choice for a kids rain poncho. Disney Minnie Mouse Girl's One Size Fits All Pink Rain Poncho (pictured)

They are usually under 10 dollars, making them a cheap way to keep your kids dry. You can usually find these in discount department stores, and kids clothing stores. Some sell them in packages for the whole family.

But if you want a particular theme, or size, then sometimes shopping online for a kids rain poncho is a good way to go. You can shop from the comfort of your own home, and find all kinds of themes, and styles of kids rain gear. If you prefer the idea of a kids rain poncho, then you can get those at Amazon.

You can purchase a plain rain poncho, but depending on your children's age, it may be hard to convince them to wear a boring clear plastic rain poncho, when they could wear one with Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse on it. It is more likely to stay on them and keep them dry.

A kids rain poncho is a great portable package to take with you to amusement parts as well, just in case you get caught in the rain, and want to continue having fun. There are many places that a rain poncho would work. Fold them up small and take them with you when you are heading out for the day.

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