Teach Your Child Their ABCs, Colours, Motor Skills & More!

Kids rugs can be more than just decorative pieces for your child's bedroom or play room. Although most people do not think about rugs as learning tools, kids rugs can actually play a role in your child's mental development. Kids spend a lot of time on the floor, especially very young kids that are still crawling everywhere, and they spend more time interacting with whatever is on that floor than anything else not at their level. Here are some ways you can take advantage of this opportunity to teach your child about their world at a few different stages of their development.

Very young children under the age of two are constantly learning from their environment. For these youngsters rugs are a source of visual stimulation. The brains of young children respond to visual cues like colour and shape. Texture is another great source of stimulation. Rugs are something babies and toddlers can see, touch, and even grab. Bright pink rugs, round rugs, soft woolly rugs - your child engages with all of this information and learns from it. So when you buy kids rugs, keep this in mind and try to look for something that is bright or has an interesting pattern or design that will engage your child. Comfort is also an important factors when you're picking out a kids rug, especially when your child is young and spending most of their time on the floor!

As your child gets older, there are even more kinds of lessons they can learn from kids rugs. At around the age of two or three your child will begin to recognize letters of the alphabet. There are many alphabet rugs on the market that will help them as they learn to identify and differentiate their letters. Visual aids, such as picture books, are strongly recommended by child learning experts. But unlike a picture book that has to be purposefully selected, taken off a bookshelf, read by a parent, and then put away, an alphabet rug is always there, right on the floor. Your child interacts with it without even realizing it. They'll be at the head of their kindergarten class in no time!

Your kids can learn other things from rugs too, such as the colours of the rainbow, the names of animals, and the different seasons. Look at these rugs as teaching tools, but also as an introduction to the fun of learning. You'll be creating the right atmosphere for a thirst for knowledge that will last a lifetime!

Some rugs invite even more active participation. For children ages 4 and up, hopscotch rugs are a fun way to get your kids moving and help develop them basic motor skills like balance and precision. Other rugs can double as board games, such as the Snakes & Ladders rug based on the classic children's game.  There are also rugs that engage your kid's imagination, like road rugs for kids of all ages. Children who love playing with toy cars won't be able to get enough of road rugs. All of these rugs challenge your child to develop critical thinking skills and learn in new ways.

These are a few of the more popular kids rugs online that are available for purchase. Your kids bedroom or play room is a fun opportunity to get creative with your design, keeping in mind the needs and personality of your child. With these tips you should be able to create an attractive, engaging room for your child. If you need more inspiration, just take a look at the huge range of  kids rugs online for inspiration!

Road Rugs for Kids
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