If you have a backyard in ground pool, and want to get your kids more active, then why not find some kids swimming pool games?

These are a wonderful way to cool off this summer as well as having a lot of fun either with their friends or the entire family.  They will help them with the exercise needed to play these games even though they are in the water, they will have to be able to throw the ball and play.

This will also build up strength, rather than just floating around on an air mattress.  Not that there is anything wrong with relaxing in the pool, but it is one way to fit in some exercise for the kids and the adults.  Kids get bored easily, even when the have access to water, you have to inspire them to start moving with something fun to do.

When you are having fun, time goes by, and you don’t realize just how much exercise you are getting, especially in the water as you don’t sweat.  But it is good for you, and you will have a good appetite when you come out of the water.

Water volleyball and water basketball are a couple of great games that work well with in ground pools.  (you need to be able to put the basket at the edge ofKids Swimming Pool Games the pool).

So, if your kids or you yourself tend to just float around in the pool, why not start up a game of water volleyball and have some fun?  Even if the kids don’t play right away, or look at you like you are nuts, it won’t be long before they are showing you their great moves in the water for the sport.  If they see you play they will join in.

Pool Volleyball and Pool Basketball Game Combo

If they are complaining that they are bored, get a few of their friends together and have them to try out some different games and have a lot of fun.  You could purchase these at the beginning of the summer, and then just pull out a different game at different points over the season so they don’t get bored too quickly. 

Letting them open a new game half way through the season, would have them excited again.  Get your kids active in the water, sometimes just swimming around in circles is not enough, have them involved in some fun games with you and let everyone enjoy their time together and accumulate some exercise.

You can purchase these games at most pool supply stores, but you can also check at discount toy stores and department stores, but you can also find some good deals online, especially if you want to purchase a few types of games for the family to try out over the summer.

Shopping online is a great way to find a larger variety of games to play.  Depending on how involved the game is, you can find some good prices for some fun games.

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lots of fun.