Looking for a quality toilet seat trainer for your kids? While shopping don't forget about getting a portable folding potty seat with handles for all those potty breaks you are inevitably going to have to make with a child going through the early stages of toilet training. Most parents are intimately familiar with the process of training your young child to use the toilet and the best way to do this is to make them feel as comfortable as possible while suing the toilet. When you are traveling or out of the house public restrooms simply aren't designed for little kids and that's why bringing your own kids toilet training seat with you is worthwhile.

The Best Portable Toilet Seat For Kids

Folding Potty Seat With HandlesThere are of course many different types of kid's toilet trainers but many people feel that a folding potty seat with handles is one of the best types of kids seats you can buy because of their ease of portability. No one is going to want to bring along a full sized toilet seat which doesn't' break down or fold down. But when you can comfortably clean the seat and fold it down it can easily be stored in a large repurposed diaper bag.

One of the best kid's toilet seat trainers on the market is the Primo folding toilet seat with handles which is sold in many baby goods stores as well as major online stores such as Amazon. This kid's toilet seat is designed like any other trainer seat in that it can sit comfortably on top of most all toilet seats. From high end quiet close toilet seats at home to commercial public restroom seats found out of the house. Not only will it fit but it has rubberized grips on the bottom to ensure the trainer seat doesn't slip while your child is using it and the folding toilet seat hinges are designed to minimize or eliminate pinching of the skin while your child is sitting on it.

The handles are another excellent feature in that they allow your child to hold on to the seat for balance while they are getting used to using the bathroom by themselves. As opposed to them holding onto potentially dirty public restroom fixtures this is simple and effective peace of mind for you as a parent.

Of course the Primo Kids Folding Toilet Seat will not exactly train your child to use the restroom his self, that part will be your responsibility, it will on the other hand make toilet usage for your kids in public setting more comfortable which may make the entire process of toilet training easier on you. This portable kids toilet seat is probably not the best seat for home use, there are many other far better choices for that but travel seats have to be considered for any family going through the toilet training stage.