Kid's wall murals allow you to create a theme room for just the cost of paint. It's an easy way to bring in a lot of color and personality. This way your kids' room will look different from all the other basic kids' rooms out there. Here are a few tips for creating kids wall murals.

Pick a theme that will last. Sure, you could just slap a bunch of stencils on the walls but this won't have the same dramatic effect of a real floor to ceiling mural. Since it's going to be a lot of work you probably want to make sure that it's going to be up for more than a few years. You'll probably want to stay away from movie and cartoon characters because then you'll have to paint over all of your hard work when your kids gets sick of the character.

There are a few durable themes that will last all the way throughout childhood and maybe even longer. For boys go with their favorite sports. For girls stick with a cottage, princess or fairy theme. For a nursery you could go with an aquarium or barn theme. For a teen's room let them get in on the act and paint a graffiti inspired piece, just make sure that you get full parental approval of the piece and you can paint over it if anything goes wrong.

Wall murals don't have to be complex to be impactful. Sometimes simple is better. Instead of painting an entire garden mural try painting oversized daisies all over one wall. You can make them geometric for a modern look. For a more sophisticated room paint the daises bright white on a dark background or the other way around. This style could even work well into your child's teen and preteen years. Try it on just one wall, preferably the wall where the bed is which is usually the focal point. Paint the rest of the walls the background color or a neutral color. For a modern room try painting the rest of the walls bright white. You can also use a ruler to make a picket fence design for a cute addition to a nursery.

Treat the wall as modern art. This saves you money on a canvas but also creates a dramatic effect and you won't have to worry about drawing on the walls. You could just paint amoeba like shapes in bright oranges, pinks or purple. For a more defined approach try polka dots. You could also try spatter painting. So things don't get too out of hand stick with just one color on a bright white background. Be aware that you'll really need to protect your flooring and any furniture you want to keep in a twenty mile radius. This will change the texture of your wall and the globs might be difficult to paint over so you might want to do it on a canvas and then apply it to the wall.

Kid's wall murals are a fun way to add personality to a basic room. You get to experiment with different colors and your child can help with the design process and even the painting.