You look in your kids room, and there are toys everywhere, you are lucky you can see your kids at all. But when you are about to get them to clean up their toys, you realize, that they really don't have anywhere to put them away.

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There is not a lot of room in here, so you need something functional. Instead of just that one big toy box, where they almost have to disappear into, (and the toys get broken this way) to find what they want, why not consider a kids wooden storage bench?

These benches, are a great way to have function and yet fit well with a clean looking decor. This type usually contain baskets or bins that fit in the bench, that kids can get at easily.

The one pictured is a great example, that will work well for a kids room, for their toys, and some place to sit as well. By having the 3 bins for their toys, they can separate out their toys, and only take out a bin at a time. These bins are on wheels, which makes it easier.

wooden storage bench



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perfect way to clean up your kids room.

So, when it comes time for cleanup, things are that bit easier. You could label each bin with a picture of the type of toy that is in there, whether there is a bin for their soft toys, or one for their puzzles, or whatever you want. (pictured)

When there is a place for everything, it is much easier to put things away. They are a great functional way to deal with clutter and also doubles as seating. You could put cushions on these as well to make them more comfortable.

These work well in a play room, but could also work near a door. They are great for storing mitts and hats and scarves. They can sit on them to put their shoes on as well.

You can get these at most furniture stores, or home improvement stores, but they can also be bought online at such places as Amazon.

You can use the internet to compare prices, and also find many different styles of them. A physical store can only carry so many varieties, but online the sky is the limit.

You could also build your own. There are many patterns that you can purchase or download and the designs are endless. So, if you are looking for more storage, but you don't have the closet room, then consider bench storage. Depending on the room you want this for, you can get these pieces as high end furniture built from beautiful wood, or painted for kids rooms with bin storage, or lined with cedar for storing blankets at the cottage.

There are many choices when it comes to wooden storage benches. But if you just happen to be looking for kids wooden storage benches, then you are going to love all the bright colors and styles they have out there on the market now. Have fun shopping!

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