Adopt Us Kids, Please!

Last week President Obama came out as a supporter of marriage equality.  For the first time in American history a President of the United States (POTUS) came out in support of Gay marriage.  Many people around the country felt a sigh of relief and joyous happiness at this historic momentObama(98576).

 Indeed this was an historic moment in our nation’s history, and just like Civil Rights of the 60’s the circle of Americans grew.  But just like any family (and yes we are a family) there will always be dissent.  Many Americans on that same day cried in disbelief at the Presidents stance on marriage equality.  To them they believe that Marriage equality is wrong for same-sex couples.

 But this article is not to discuss beliefs about marriage equality, this article will be on the growing need of children all over this country (and the world) who need loving homes and families.

 Unless I’m mistaken, every single one of these children were made through heterosexual relationships one point and time.  But through no fault of they own they are in this world without families that love and care for them.  Some children have been through horrendous circumstances and those that have survived are looking for homes and people that will love and nurture them and to whom they can love.draw

 Same-sex couples, can be wonderful parents just as any heterosexual couple.  Just by the nature of their relationship many couples do want to become parents but obviously cant.  Many have donors or surrogates, but many also adopt and open their homes to children who really have a need. 

 Dissenters that decry this type of environment is not good for the child, should look to the thousands of cases where children come from heterosexual homes and some of the tragic adults they have produced.  If more children are able to find homes from more groups of people creating families, that is a good thing.    

 Change can be difficult, but it does not have to be.  Acceptance and tolerance means sometimes letting go of “previous norms” that were accepted under certain social behaviors.  Obviously, change has arrived and is enveloping all aspects of our lives (this is the 21st century –btw).

 My heart goes out to the children who NEED loving people in their lives, whether they be same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, single parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles you get the picture.  If more people can be grouped together to create loving families, that is a good thing.

This is a new world, families are supposed to be about groups of people who care and love one another, no matter what so-called definition/ label each individual has, once again that is a good thing.