Teetering on the edge of decor and art, kilim pillows pack a design wallop. Their unique colors and weaves create a moveable tapestry throughout your home, and their sense of history adds significant depth to any style of decor.  Here you'll discover more about these decorative pillows, including a bit of their history and the prices you'll find on the market.

Kilim Pillows: Pillows That Pack A Real Punch

Kilim Pillows

If you're the type of person that's always searching for the most unique home decor, kilim pillows must be added to your list. The simplest way to describe these pillows is that they are hand-woven beauties featuring distinct tribal and southwest designs that make them stand out from other decorative pillows.  And as such they near works of art. But this description ignores the historic background of these pillows.

The art behind Kilim pillows has been around for many thousands of years. Kilim is a woven rug that has classic Persian and Turkish roots which gives you a sense of where its colorful and ornate design work came into play. Antique kilim rugs (those over 50 years of age) are highly sought after because of their beauty and history, and kilim pillows follow suit. 

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Antique Kilim Pillows Vs. Modern Kilim Pillows

Kilim Noir Rustic Black Designer Throw PillowAny kilim pillow that uses antique kilim is going to be a highly sought after decorative pillow. Their popularity is only matched by their limited supply. There is only so much antique kilim out there, and the market for antique kilim rugs keeps many kilim pillows from being made from this material. The demand for these pillows (and the rugs they are made from) keeps the prices high.

There are, though, many modern kilim choices available. These are hand-woven just like the antique versions and look just as beautiful, though they may not carry the same historic cache as their older brothers. Still, as decorative pillows go, there are few designs as unique, and telling the difference between an antique and modern kilim can be very difficult for most people.

Where To Use Kilim Pillows

Kilim pillows almost transcend design motifs. There's something about them that allows these pillows to be used in nearly any style. Call it the "work of art" pass. Obviously Persian or classic European decor motifs are the natural fit for these pillows, but you'll be surprised by how well they fit in most modern designs and in nearly any type of room. They make excellent choices as bedroom pillows, couch pillows, or chair pillows.

These pillows are natural color boosters for any space. If you've got a neutral palette and need a splash of color, a few kilim pillows are an excellent way to deliver it. Plus, when you use pillows in this way, you can always adjust your room colors on the fly with no hassle. No need for repainting or heavy lifting when you tire of the colors in your room.

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Kilim Pillow Prices

Ataylana Inch Black Kilim PillowFor obvious reasons, there's a definite price divide between antique kilim pillows and modern kilim pillows. Those using the famous antique fabric can cost you $100 or more, but the modern kilim pillow varieties are a much more budget friendly solution, ranging around $30 to $60, depending on the size and intricacy of the weave itself. That's a lot of value for something that feels this vintage and high quality. 

Either way, kilim pillows are a beautiful and artistic solution for your home decor needs. They've got a real sense of style and history that no other pillow can match. You'll be impressed by the quality of design that they bring to your home.