Pediculosis is the infestation of human louse. Louse is singular for the more commonly heard term-lice. There are many different methods used to kill lice and it is very important that we do. Every year lice seem to spread further and further. They are a global problem that has been spreading rapidly since the nineteen sixties. Lice infections are considered a endemic and lice can infest hundreds of millions of people every year. Lice are most common among children and their families. Children are at the greatest risk between the ages of three and ten. In order to prevent the spread of lice through our communities and families we must use treatment options to kill lice.

Lice can have a devastating effect on a persons life. It is not necessarily a coincidence that the word lousy and louse are spelled so similarly. Aside from the dangers of it spreading it is important to help the people who are infected with it. The most common symptoms of a lice infestation are an itchy scalp, bloody itchy bumps on the scalp and neck, and a general feeling of disease-to feel lousy.

A lice infestation is easy to identify as well. A person who is infested with head lice will begin to have small black specks appearing in their hair as well as on their pillow case. These are the droppings of the lice. They will be far more obvious in the hair of blond children, but you should still be able to find them on the pillow case of darker hair children. You will also find 'nits' or eggs. These will be glued to the scalp and won't come up as easily as dandruff. The bites and sores on the scalp and neck should also be extremely obvious.

There are a few different methods to kill lice. These include pesticides, delousing combs, lotions and other natural methods. There are people claiming that you can kill lice with a substance such a mayonnaise. This may work for some people but most people will need a pesticide. This kind of treatment to kill lice will last roughly ten days if done correctly. It is important to follow the instructions to as closely as possible. After two treatments ten days apart the eggs and living lice should all be dead.

This is because lice are in their eggs for as much as nine days before they hatch. With a little research you should easily be able to find a method to kill lice that works for you.