Kill A Watt Meter


Easily monitor any appliance. Maximum Voltage 125 A. Max Current: 15A. Maximum Wattage 1875 W.

Determine if it's time to power down your computers, TV or upgrade to new more energy efficient appliances.

List price $52.43, but can be purchased for about 1/2 of that price.


No cons on this product. : )

Full Review

I think most of us had the experience of questioning charges on our electric bill. We often scratch our heads and try to analyze what could be consuming so much energy. Is the computer in sleep mode? Is it that giant LCD screen TV we just bought or could it be the hot tub heater or something else. Before you do something drastic, help is on the way from P3 International. It is their handy Kill A Watt meter system.

The Kill A Watt simply plugs into any convenience outlet in your home and the appliance plugs into the Kill A Watt. It will test anything that can be plugged into its 3-prog outlet from TV's, stereos, lamps, refrigerators a microwaves, heaters, washer, air-conditioners and much more. Now you can easily analyze how efficient that energy-efficient appliance really is.

The unit has an integral LCD screen which allows easy visual feedback. You can choose to view electrical expenses by the day, week, month or even an entire year. This unit also allows you to check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency and Power Factor. Items which may give an electrician valuable information in trouble-shooting an electrical issue in your home.

In Closing

Quit speculating on what appliances are contributing to your soaring energy bills. Test them all with the Kill A Watt and quit the guessing. This little gadget will pay for itself in no time. I have one and wouldn't want to part with it.