If you love chili, but have been told to go "lean" or maybe to cut back on red meat (like me!) then you have to try this killer chicken chili. The combination of ingredients will fool even the seasoned chili eater, into thinking he/she is eating beef chili. They even ask for seconds! It is great served with a french stick or garlic bread, and a side green salad. To keep this recipe lean, you only need a little bit of oil for the onion in the first step, or you can use a bit of water, just to get the chopped onion cooking.

For the chili powder, I just used the packaged type from the grocery store, which would require a good couple of tablespoons, but add as much as you like. You can adjust the heat on this great killer chicken chili.

Things You Will Need

one pound of ground chicken

1 tablespoon montreal steak spice

one can of baked beans in tomato sauce

One can of condensed tomato soup (just the soup, do not add water)

One can of sweet onion tomatoes (small can, the size of a soup can)

chili powder to taste

one chopped onion

one cup of chopped mushrooms (or canned mushrooms)

bit of oil for browning onions

Step 1

Take a large pot and heat the oil and add the chopped onions.

Cook the onions for a couple of minutes, and then add the ground chicken and the steak spice. Cook well and keep stirring to break up the meat. Make sure there is no pink showing and that the ground chicken is well cooked.

Now add the canned tomatoes, baked beans, soup(do not add water, just the condensed soup) and stir well

Add the mushrooms, and then add chili powder to taste

Simmer on low for about 1/2 hour until all the flavors are just right. If you need to add more chili powder, go ahead, but let it simmer for a bit longer to absorb the flavors.

This is a quick dinner, and great with some garlic bread and salad. It can be reheated the next day and tastes even better. Just refrigerate any leftovers. The combination of the sweet baked beans with the chili powder and steak spice, just seems to make this killer chicken chili work well. I serve this on a night when everyone seems to be eating at different times, and this can be reheated. Family and friends, still don't realize that I use ground chicken in this recipe, they just love the taste and always ask for seconds.

I quite often have to make a double batch, you can even freeze this well. If you have had to cut back on red meat, or are watching your fat content, then this is a great alternative to your regular beef chili. Give it a try, I think you will truly love it!

My family ask for it all the time. You can also substitute ground turkey for this killer chili. Obviously, you will add the chili powder to your taste, but I think you will enjoy this recipe. Plus it is low in fat and helps keep that cholesteral down.

Tips & Warnings

You may break out in a sweat with this killer chicken chili!