If you've ever seen a roach in your home, you may have felt a sense of panic. The instinct many people have is to try to kill it in any way they can without thinking about how killing roaches will affect the indoor air quality or the people who live in the home. Grabbing that can of roach spray can do more harm to the home than good if it is sprayed too often and in places where humans spend time.

Roach Killing Alternatives

One of the best alternatives to sprays is called roach gel. This is a poison product much like the poison contained in sprays, but it is applied much differently. Instead of spraying fine droplets of poison into the air and contaminating the air, you apply a thick gel to very precise areas. The gel is thick enough to stay in place and won't run like spray poisons. If you are careful about where you place it, there is no chance of anyone in the household walking through the poison and tracking it around the house.

Another cockroach killing alternative is the old-fashioned roach trap. These may not be as high tech as some methods, but they are perfectly effective at killing roaches. Some of the newer traps are actually higher tech than you'd think- some are laced with roach pheromones and other attractants. Once the roaches enter the trap, they are stuck with a sticky glue and can't escape. The traps are enclosed and pose no problem for adults. They can be dangerous for young children, though, so be careful where they are placed.

Above all, never forget when you are exterminating roaches in your home that the humans have to live there even after the roaches are dead. Killing bugs but destroying the air quality isn't helpful to anyone. Everyone who lives there deserves to have clean air to breathe and to walk around without fearing puddles of poison. For kids, those with asthma and anyone with allergies, spray poison can be a serious problem.

There is also some evidence that it is harmful to humans no matter what their state of health. Suspected carcinogens are present in most poison sprays, making them risky for use no matter what the situation. When you consider how potentially dangerous a spray can be and how many alternatives there are, it isn't hard to see why so many people use alternative methods to kill roaches in their homes.