(This is a satire article)

In an interview with Hermen Hulst, co-founder of Guerrilla Games, Killzone 3 will have "bad graphics."
"We've been interviewing a lot of gamers after the development of Killzone 2," Hulst said. "Not just our hardcore fans. We've been trying to broaden our view, and interviewed a lot of Xbox gamers as well. We're developers, not fanboys."

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To clarify for readers, Killzone 3 will remain a Playstation 3 exclusive.

"After about two months of vigorous surveying, we came to the conclusion that graphics are mutually exclusive from fun gameplay. You cannot have a fun game with good graphics, and unfortunately, our previous creation fell in that pit. Killzone 3 will have bad graphics, but as a result of that, it will have not just bearable, but fun gameplay, right up there with the Halo and Quake series."

Guerrilla Games has scrapped their proprietary tech created for Killzone 2 and decided to use the latest Unreal Engine 3 for the creation of Killzone 3. "We chose this engine out of popularity amongst other developers," Hulst stated. "We observed that games built on the Unreal Engine did not look graphically impressive were quite fun to play. In addition Epic is a great partner, and are helping us adjust to this new beast."

Killzone 2 was released in February of 2009, heavily praised for its incredible visuals, almost the best any current-gen console has seen as of that date just second to Gears of War 2 which had the best graphics evaar. However, the phenomenal graphics resulted in a poorly playing game. Xbox fanboys complained that it was difficult to see anything through the multi-layered post processing effects and quality motion blur, the high-poly character models were distracting, and whined that the 'laggy' controls broke the game's enjoyability factor. Guerrilla Games has confirmed that they have taken in all feedback they've heard from reliable internet forums and are confident their next project will be 'the true Killzone everyone's wanted to play.'

"What will Killzone 3 look like visually?" I asked.

"It will definitely be an enormous step back from Killzone 2," Hermen Hulst said. "I guess you can compare it to the first Killzone on the PS2. I don't know why we decided to make the graphics better... we're heading back to our roots."
Hulst personally promised me that I will want to play Killzone 3, which is nice 'cause Killzone 2 sucked ass.