When food freshness is of the essence, turn to Kilner jars. These jars are the perfect storage solutions for any perishable foods, including fruits, vegetables, homemade jams and jellies, and more. Plus Kilner jars have a unique look that adds a bit of vintage appeal to your kitchen, and they can double as beautiful pieces of home decor. Below you'll find more great information on Kilner jars including some out of the box uses and the prices for them in stores.

Kilner Jars: Preserving Good Taste

Piccalilli in a Kilner JarKilner jars have been around since the mid 1800's, first invented and produced by Kilner & Co., a family business. The original Kilner jar features a screw top that includes a rubber seal to make the jar air tight. Another variation, the French Kilner jar, uses a metal clamp top instead with a rubber seal. Both of these varieties are widely available today and come in both glass and plastic varieties.

The air tight seal of these jars makes them exceptional for preserving foods, especially highly perishable foods. They have become a mainstay for professional and amateur chefs that make homemade jams, jellies, preserves, and pickled vegetables. Plus, they make for great general purpose kitchen storage jars, especially French Kilner jars. You'll find them useful for storing rice, coffee, sugar, flour, loose tea, and even none perishable items like dried spices.

Beyond their function, Kilner jars just look good in the kitchen. Their style adds a bit of old world charm to your countertops and shelves. Just their visible presence adds a homey feel to a room. Kilner jars give the perception that good things are made here.

Kilner Jars In The Home Decor Limelight

Leifheit Decorative Canning JarsWhile preserving food is a noble job for any jar, the vintage look of Kilner jars has propelled them to a lot of uses outside of preserving. Many of the originally styled Kilner jars feature antique-looking logos and dates in raised glass on the jar itself. And French Kilner jars have the charming clasp that offers a European flair to its style. Eye catching to be sure, and designers and home decor hobbyists have found unique ways to feature these jars in homes. Here are just a few:

As visible candy jars featuring brightly colored goodies

Why hide these unique jars? Turning them into a candy jar, whether for everyday use or as Halloween decor, is a fun solution. It's especially charming when you use candies with bright colors like hard candies, multi-colored candy corn, and wrapped taffy.

As flower vases for country wild flowers

The old world feel of these jars makes them great for country or cottage chic design motifs, and pairing them with some country wild flowers just adds to the mystique.

As candle holders for candles of all types

This works especially well for original Kilner jars. Placing tea lights or pillar candles into the jars is a charming lighting solution. You could even use LED battery or rechargeable candles and seal the jar lid to make for a surprising look.

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Kilner Jar Prices

Kilner Preserve Air Tight For Food StorageOverall, Kilner jars are not expensive. Screw top Kilner jars will normally cost between $5 and $8 per jar. French Kilner jars can be found for between $15 and $40, depending on the size. You'll often find both types sold in sets featuring multiple sizes.

When you are shopping for kitchen storage or unique pieces of home decor, don't overlook Kilner jars. They've got both great function and visual appeal. No matter how you use them, you're sure to love them.