For a child in kindergarten, art projects provide a hands-on learning tool to express creativity and fine tune motor skills. Most kids of this age love the chance to let their imaginations run wild. Whether you're looking for craft ideas for kindergarten students to do as a group or easy art projects that you can do one-on-one with your young one, there are so many options that you can choose from.

Craft for Kindergarten: Circle Bears

Some children in kindergarten may be shape identifying experts by this point, while others may need a bit of practice. Regardless of the category your child falls into, making a circle bear can be a fun project. In order to do this, you'll need five cut-out circles. Use brown construction paper and have the kindergartener trace one large circle using a paper plate. On another piece of paper, trace a medium sized circle using an oatmeal can. Use one last piece of construction paper to form six small circles by tracing around a Dixie cup. Children can now practice cutting skills by cutting around the traced circles. When all the circles are cut, form the bear. The large circle is the body, the medium circle is the head and the six small circles form the arms, legs and ears. Glue them into place and add details with a crayon or paint.

Kindergarten Art Projects: Use Your Imagination

Art projects for kindergarteners can serve as a valuable tool to enhance imagination. Read the children a story, but don't show them the pictures. Instead, beforehand, ask them to listen very carefully and use their imaginations to think about what the characters and story scenes look like. This activity is also helpful with developing listening comprehension. Try to keep the story short, as in no more than five minutes as children this young often lack the attention span to listen for long periods of time. Once the story is over, head to the art table and ask them to draw or paint the characters and story from their imaginations. Ask everyone to share when they're done.

Craft for Kindergarten: Make a Book

Most young kids would be thrilled by the idea that they can illustrate their own books. With just a bit of prep-work, each student can have a book to work on. Form the books by folding several sheets of paper in half around one another. Use construction paper or card stock paper for the cover. Staple the top, middle and bottom of the folded crease and the book is ready. Give an empty paper book to each kindergarten student and let them illustrate their own story. If they are able to write, encourage them to add some words as well.

Kindergarten Art Project: Box/Carton City

You can create a box city with an entire kindergarten class or one child. This will require some advanced preparation by saving small milk cartons and cereal boxes. Just be sure to rinse the milk cartons thoroughly to avoid a bad smell. Find a large piece of cardboard to serve as the base. Paint roads, sidewalks and grass onto the base. You can do this yourself if leading a group of students, or the young one can do it himself, if alone. Hand out the empty milk cartons and boxes and let the students paint each one to look like a building. Once they are complete, place them on the base to complete your city.