Report Card Comments Samples for Kindergarten Teachers

At least once a year, and probably more often, you're going to need to write report card comments for your kindergarten students. This can be a pretty stressful time, and not just for the kids who are getting their first report cards! Trying to come up with tactful and constructive comments can be tough, and leaves many a teacher tearing their hair out. Fortunately, we're here today with a fool proof plan for your comments- plus plenty of ideas for what to say. So, before you go crazy trying to get all those report cards done, read on!

Positive Opener

Your first sentence should always be a positive one to set the right tone for the rest of your report. It can be tough sometimes to remember that every kid does have their positive side, but they really do! A good opener is something along the lines of “it's been a pleasure to get to know your child this semester.” Comments about making progress are also appropriate here.

Great sample opening sentences are something like the ones below... 

-       It's been a pleasure getting to know your child this semester 

-       X has made great progress this quarter 

-       Your child continues to make great progress in kindergarten

-       Your child always brings a smile to my face

-       It's wonderful to see X in the classroom every day

The Meat of the Subject

Now you're going to need to cover the specifics, and it's best to provide information from as many areas as possible to keep the parent informed. These areas are going to depend a lot on what your kindergarten teaches (do you do elementary writing practice, for example?), but we'll hit the main areas below and give you some comment ideas for each of them. Again, you should stay as positively focused as possible. You'll get time to address problems later. If a child is truly doing badly in one of the areas below, then simply refrain from commenting on it for now.

Personal Characteristics 

-       X is an enthusiastic learner 

-       X is always ready to learn

-       X functions wonderfully in a group setting

-       X is kind and sharing

-       X is always respectful of others

 Work Style

-       X focusses well on tasks

-       X works hard to understand new things 

-       X follows directions very well

-       X works best in a group

-       X always works hard

Behaviour & Attitude

-       X works hard to make good choices 

-       X manages her emotions well in the classroom

-       X is always polite and respectful

Social Skills

-       X makes friends easily

-       X treats others fairly and respectfully

-       X is popular with her classmates


-       X expresses her emotions in words very well 

-       X has a wide vocabulary

-       X communicates with her classmates well

As well as the above mentioned areas, you can also comment on work that has been done in class. You might want to think about a sentence or so about the main kindergarten curriculum areas: reading/writing/language acquisition, basic math skills, art and creativity. These will obviously depend on the age of your kindergarten class and your school's curriculum.

Make a Goal

If a child has been having problems in an area, now is your time to mention it. However, you still need to keep a positive outlook, it's important that neither parent nor child gets discouraged. It's usually best to do this in the form of goal setting. Instead of saying “X has not mastered sharing” you can say “our goal for next semester is to help X share better.”

This form of feedback is important for parents, and it's your job as a teacher to be honest, but we also want happy kids that want to come to school. Setting a goal provides encouragement as well as informing parents of potential problem areas.

A Positive Closer

Your last sentence should be positive just as your first was. Something along the lines of “I look forward to seeing X's progress next semester” or “I can't wait to work with X again next year” is fine.

And there you have it, report card comments for kindergarten students made easy. Stay positive, be honest and get your message across all at the same time. Good luck!