Color Kindle 4 Release Date

As soon as the release date for the Kindle 4 hand held electronic reader is officially announced, this article will be updated to reflect the latest information. However, at the time of writing (January 2011), the actual timing of when this device will be on sale is not known for sure. In fact, we do not even know with 100% certainty that the Kindle 4 will actually have a color screen. But as you will discover in this article, in all likelihood, it will do.

Color Kindle 4 Release

Kindle Color

The two factors of consumer demand and technical know how are combining quite nicely to send Amazon a strong signal that they should be incorporating the available technology into the new Kindle 4 to ensure that it does make use of the recently developed color electronic paper displays. As you may already know, it is the E Ink company who are responsible for the screens in the 3rd generation version of the Amazon Kindle. This is called E Ink Pearl. This firm are at the cutting edge of electronic paper display innovation and in 2010 they actually brought out an even newer version which can show colors as well as monochrome.

When you take a look on forums that discuss the Amazon Kindle, one thing that both users and potential users have in common is that they seem to want to be able to purchase one that has the ability to show color images and text. This would be a really nice feature to have and it will certainly add to the user experience. Just imagine being able to set your own screen saver images that can be displayed when your Kindle is turned off. This would be a great way to customize your reader.

There will of course be some books where the ability to display color pictures will be advantageous, e.g. children's story books, cookery books, photography books and so on. At the same time, there are many more texts where the color display will have no real bearing at all. How much color do you need when you are reading a fiction book?

If you want to learn more about the technology that is used in the Kindle 3 reader then you should read more about E Ink Pearl technology. The newer version which can also display color is called E Ink Triton. You can find out more about the internal workings of these electronic paper displays by visiting the official E Ink website.

Kindle Touch

Another feature that is looking fairly likely in the Kindle 4 is a touch controlled screen. This is a feature that might not look quite as impressive as a color screen but it does offer a lot more as far as functionality is concerned. If this technology is implemented then it opens up new possibilities as far as the size and design of the Kindle 4 gadget is concerned. The fact of the matter is that if it can be controlled by touching the screen, will there be any real need of the QWERTY keyboard that takes up space at the bottom of all Kindle readers that have been released so far?

Changes that could be made include reducing the size and weight of the device even further. Or perhaps the total screen area could be increased without making the device any bigger than its current dimensions.

Again, we know that a touch version of electronic paper is technically possible. What we do not know however is whether Amazon will be making use of this technology or not. There was an article in the New York Times newspaper in February 2010 that talked about Amazon's acquisition of a start up company, Touchco, who were developing the aforementioned touch technology.

Price Of The Kindle 4

This is one area where we really do not know what is going to happen. Will the Kindle 4 price be much more expensive than what is being charged for the latest 3rd generation models? Hopefully not, but perhaps the inclusion of the features mentioned above will necessitate a higher price.

As a very happy Kindle user, I am really looking forward to see what Amazon decide to do with the next version of their hand held reader. I have already made savings from the purchase of my Kindle 3. I simply make sure that I download a decent selection of out of copyright books. If I had paid for the physical books, this would have cost me more than I paid for my Kindle reader. I will simply do the same when the next version comes out. My plan is to be one of the first customers to own a Kindle 4 because I am sure that it will live up to the very high standards that Amazon have set themselves.