You are probably wondering why you can't help hearing about the Kindle 3G everywhere you go. Out of all the e-book readers out there, why does this one attract so much attention? You can be sure that this fantastic gadget deserves every single word of praise it has received. Let's take a look at the facts that make it so special.

A library that fits into your bag

This reader allows you to store up to 3500 e-books. You can also access your personal documents by sending them to your personal Kindle email address. These documents will then be quickly converted so that you can read them from your device any time you want to. Transferring books is easy - all you need is to connect it your computer via a USB cable or the in-built Wi-Fi functionality. As if that were not enough, you can also view your images with a very high quality detail.

Listen to your books

This may sound crazy in the beginning, but please hang on! Your reader comes with a special text-to-speech functionality that makes it read your e-books that have been saved in the Kindle format. You can also listen to your music files. The reader comes with external speakers as well as an earphone jack, if that's what you prefer. By the way, even though there hasn't been software developed to use it, you get an in-built microphone as well.

A screen that's easy on your eyes

Have you ever tried to read something on your laptop when sitting in a park? If so, then you know that an activity that is meant to be a source of pleasure can turn into a complete nightmare.

That's when the Kindle 3G comes to your rescue! It's high-resolution screen, with a special matte finish has the cutting edge technology know as "e-ink". This allows you to read in the sun without experiencing any glare, just like with regular paper books. Now, how cool is that?

The longest battery life ever

This sounds almost too good to be true; your battery can last up to three weeks without you having to recharge it. In fact, it will keep going for a whole month if you don't use the wireless connection.

This is the future of reading!

At this moment there are literally hundreds of thousands of books available for you to enjoy. You can share passages with friends and family. There is one thing you can be sure of the future of reading is already here - and it's called the Kindle 3G.